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Poll: Do you like the British accent?
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Do you like the British accent?
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 525242
11-23-2019 12:23 AM


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RE: Do you like the British accent?
it depen's in where da speaka's from, in'it? Yea. A'fore he git posh, Jamie Olver
spoke British English, ya know, like a black cockney twat. Know whit I means.
Nows he tryin' ta sound all Cornwall.
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Green Meenie
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11-23-2019 12:31 AM

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RE: Do you like the British accent?
LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-22-2019 11:16 PM)
Penelope Lane  Wrote: (11-22-2019 10:10 PM)

I think what confuses American's is some of the words themselves, not pronunciation.

Like chips are french fries, biscuits are cookies... stuff like that.

Pants are underwear, knickers are girls underwear, color is spelt colour, crisps are crisps not chips, neighbor is spelt neighbour, downtown is the high street, freeways are motorways, gas is petrol, a jumper is something we wear not somebody who is about to jump of something, sneakers are trainers, restroom is a toilet, underground not subway, car bonnet not hood, indicator not blinker, takeaway not takeout, holiday not vacation, lorry not truck, lift not elevator, nappy not diaper, sweets not candy, rubbish not garbage, bin not trash can, favorite is spelt favourite, FOOTBALL NOT SOCCER, I could go on but will be back tomorrow to test you and see if you've been paying attention chuckle


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LoP Guest
lop guest
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11-23-2019 01:46 AM


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RE: Do you like the British accent?
I love women with British accents, but, men with British accents, no so much. 1dunno1
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I know what's across the water
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11-23-2019 02:37 AM

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RE: Do you like the British accent?
LoP Guest  Wrote: (11-22-2019 05:17 PM)
JIF  Wrote: (11-22-2019 08:07 AM)
English didn't originate in England, it originated in Northern Germany, specifically the Jutland or Cimbric/Cimbrian Peninsula, and specifically the area known as Schleswig and Holstein.

That language over 1500 years was blended with Brythonic languages, Roman Latin, and Norman French to create the modern English Language.
Wrong. English did originate in England.
England is Angland from the Angles from Northern Germany., who spoke a tribal form of 'lower German' . When settled in the British Isles it became entwined with the native Britonic and Celt languages, forming it's own unique language - Angleish (English)
The language is thus said to of derived in England.

Holy f*#k! Is this your new debate technique? Just say wrong and then repeat verbatim what someone said to claim you are right?

Let me break it down for you.

English is not from England.

Brythonic languages like Welsh are more original to England that English.

The English language is a collection of multiple languages brought by multiple invasions of the British Isles.

I used to doubt psychology until I met so many of you suffering from Apophenia and Pareidolia.
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Green Meenie
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11-23-2019 08:29 AM

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RE: Do you like the British accent?
Yet another "teachable moment."

Quote:English words of Scandinavian origin
lug (haul v.; handle n.)
rig (rigg, as in a ship's "riggings")

English words of Norwegian origin
Some words from Norwegian have entered into common English usage. Many of the words relate to the climate and culture of Norway, such as skiing.

brisling (small, herring-like, marine fish)
fjord (a long indentation of a sea)
floe (as in ice floe, a river ice slide)
klister (a kind of ski wax, from the word for glue or paste; also common Scandinavian)
krill (small shrimp-like animal)
lemming (lemen, a rodent species)
lefse (Norwegian potato flatbread similar to a tortilla)
lutefisk (fish course made from dried fish and lut (lye)).
quisling (a traitor, from Vidkun Quisling)
ski (equipment for skiing activities; originally a general word for a plank or chop of wood)
skrei (from a word meaning "flock" or "crowd", a sprawn-ready codfish)
slalom (slalåm; not too steep downhill skiing with many gates and turns)
Telemark (a type of ski turn or style of skiing named for the Telemark region in Norway)
uff da (interjection, other English spellings of this word include oofda, ufda, oofta and ufta.)
yngling (sailing boat class, from an archaic Norwegian word for "youngster")



Anyone wish to visit the Isle Of Mann with ME?

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lop guest
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11-23-2019 12:01 PM


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RE: Do you like the British accent?
Actually, we speak very well.
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