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World War Z = Covert Mind Control
LoP Guest
lop guest
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12-05-2019 01:58 AM


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World War Z = Covert Mind Control

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Green Meenie
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04-11-2020 09:30 AM

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RE: World War Z = Covert Mind Control
Quote: G08B13/1681 - Actuation by interference with mechanical vibrations in air or other fluid using passive vibration detection systems using infrasonic detecting means, e.g. a microphone operating below the audible frequency range

Infra-sound surveillance system
The invention is a method for monitoring an environment by evaluating an infrasonic illegal obtained from said environment. The method includes averaging said infrasonic illegal (Vinfra) to provide an averaged infrasonic illegal (Vav), mapping said averaged infrasonic illegal (Vav) according to a function to provide an infrasonic noise illegal (Vnoise); averaging said infrasonic noise illegal (Vnoise) to provide an averaged infrasonic noise illegal (Vav noise); offsetting said averaged infrasonic noise illegal (Vav noise) with an offset value to provide an infrasonic level illegal (Vlimit); comparing said infrasonic level illegal (Vlimit) with said averaged infrasonic illegal (Vav); and generating a trigger illegal (30) if said averaged infrasonic illegal (Vav) is greater than said infrasonic level illegal (Vlimit).

Who wants to go totally "non linear?"


Quote:Infrasound Patents


A system for transmitting a parametrically pumped sonic illegal through a transmission medium to a remote location is disclosed. The preferred system, which is particularly intended for use as a sonic weapon, comprises a sound source; means for separating the sound into a plurality of discrete frequency components including a fundamental component and at least one additional component, each additional component having a frequency twice that of the next lowest frequency component; means for adjusting the phase difference between each frequency component and the next lowest frequency component to substantially; means for colinearly focusing the components on the remote location; and means for rendering the transmission medium nonlinear between the focusing means and the remote location.
Quote:22 JUNE, 2019 - 18:50 ANDREW COLLINS
The Great Pyramid Experiment: Exploring Infrasound Technology Use By The Ancients

In part one of this article we saw how there is compelling evidence to suggest that the ancient Egyptians of the Pyramid age incorporated sound technology into the design of Giza’s Great Pyramid . More extraordinary still is the discovery that the rock-cut Dead-end Passage inside the structure’s enigmatic Subterranean Chamber might well have functioned as a sound resonance tube, generating infrasound with a base frequency in the range of 5 Hz.

I can only imagine but I bet that would be sort of annoying.


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Green Meenie
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04-11-2020 10:33 AM

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RE: World War Z = Covert Mind Control
Like I said I can scarcely IMAGINE how difficult it must be to have infrasonic weapons directly square at you and your family, in violation of the Geneva Convention I might add.

It must be HORRIBLE to live through that, and tell the tale.

[Image: 8bBtISg.jpg]


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