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Judgment Day: the halls of Mandos
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01-17-2020 10:02 AM

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RE: Judgment Day: the halls of Mandos
LoP Guest  Wrote: (01-17-2020 09:40 AM)
Lakeofmarch  Wrote: (01-13-2020 01:43 AM)
Namo the elder dwells in Mandos, which is westward in Valinor. He is the keeper of the Houses of the Dead, and the summoner of the spirits of the slain. He forgets nothing; and he knows all things that shall be, save only those that lie still in the freedom of lluvatar. He is the Doomsman of the Valar; but he pronounces his dooms and his Judgements only at the bidding of Manwe. Vaire the Weaver is his spouse, who weaves all things that have ever been in Time into her storied webs, and the halls of Mandos that ever widen as the ages pass are clothed with them. -JRR Tolkien, "Silmarilion"

link to image:

link to image:

Tol Eressea being Cuba, and the Mansions of Aule the Mexican mountains (of which there are plenty to choose from), it follows that the Halls were in the Bay of Banderas, site of the city above. Used to be a lot of lakes in the central highlands, from Xochimilco to Chapala, which have slowly or quickly dried up. Now is the time for the revelation of what originally was, and has always been, and will forever remain. Doom (the judgment of the world) starts today, and continues as I advance yonder. I only know that I am looking for an artist. Anyone is welcome to contribute if they have lately gone, or will go, there fleeing the cold.

link to image:

Real stuff turned to fantasy just like most religions corrupted truth.
Tolkien’s word Ainur means the "Holy Ones" of which the singular is Ainu. There are two orders of these gods in his mythology - the Valar and the Maiar. The plural Ainur and the singular Ainu are clearly derived from the Sumerian father of the gods - Anu and the Anunnaki, whilst Valar appears in the Aryan pantheon as Vala "The encircler", reminiscent of the Orobourus, the alchemical Dragon Ring that Tolkien wrote so much about. We will also remember the Val-Kyrie at this juncture.

The origin of the name Ainur. The name Ainur is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh. The name Ainur is formed by two Tatar words “moon” (Ai) and “ray” (Nur), therefore the name Ainur is translated as “moon-faced”. For a girl, they sometimes interpret it in the sense of “soft, beautiful”.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
[Image: VDOWovx4RLU.jpg]
I c cherished dream; - unfulfilled desire; - Arman alys, өmіr shaқ poet. the cherished dream is far (unattainable), life is short; - the Armanian woman can achieve her cherished dream; - the arm of Ketu die before reaching her cherished dream; - to leave this world without completing what she wanted; - the Armand of etu to dream (about cherished); armanda bolu (or қalu) not to fulfill the cherished goal; - not to get satisfaction of their desires and regret; - jégen de armanda (қalada), zhemegen de armanda (қalada) a jocular expression is so delicious that the one who eats regrets (that there was little ) and the one who didn’t eat, regrets (that nothing happened), the Armanes have nothing to regret; - the Armanes Joқ Adam a happy man II is the same as Orman

name of the Mira

The origin of the name (Arabic, Greek, Jewish, Slavic)

General characteristics of the name "Mira"
The name “Mira is a true gem for a woman. Parents, who so-called the newborn daughter, voluntarily or involuntarily gifted the girl with wonderful properties that are fraught with the ancient name. To begin with, the name is popular and loved among many nations. In the Slavic tradition, this name echoes the words ""Mira and "lad." Arab sources testify that the name Mira means “food, food”, at the same time it is an abbreviated form of the Arabic name Amir (Emir), meaning “princess”. Options for the name of the World: Gulmira, Mirgul, Gulmira, Mirgul, Meiramgul, Meiramgul, Meirimgul, Meirimgul, Mika. In ancient Greece, the name Mira echoes the word "myrrh", "miro", "myrrh" - an aromatic resin widely used by priests as a smoking substance used in religious cults. As you know, myrrh and incense were brought by the Magi, among other gifts to the baby Jesus. As they say in old books, "myrrh rejoices the soul and soothes sorrow." Worlds are able to quench sorrows and stop strife.

«No one can harm you in your imagination»
It's nice to meet you
I wanna tell you, you don't exist
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"I have been watching you.
All of you.
All of your lives, with a thousand eyes and one." ―Three-Eyed Raven.
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Axte Incal, Axtuce Mun
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01-17-2020 07:26 PM

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RE: Judgment Day: the halls of Mandos
A good judge must write many briefings. Let us then get into the first one: Ahriman, as depicted by Rudolph Steiner or above:

[Image: Rudolf-Steiner-Ahriman-001.jpg].

While male models with chiseled faces might be effective in selling you underwear, in real life guys with wide cheekbones strike people as untrustworthy. And apparently there's a reason: Research shows that on average they're actually less honest. (...) The researchers think it may be because wider cheekbones don't form until puberty and are an indication of how big a man is going to get. Larger men tend to be more aggressive and are less likely to feel like they have to obey society's rules -- it's easier to screw somebody over when you know you can kick his ass if he complains. Even in jobs where aggressiveness is rewarded, like professional sports, researchers found that, "broad-faced ... players spend more time in the penalty box."

Those researchers did not point out that Darth Vader was designed to have exaggerated cheekbones, but seriously, check it out.
Now for the other side of the dialectic, God himself/Brahman, as described by Philip K. Dick in his "Exegesis".

[Image: Portrait_of_Havelock_Ellis_%281859-1939%...9_crop.jpg]

When I look back to 11-17-80 what seems to me now the most proof that it really was God is not so much the bliss but the distinct individual personality (with its intense love); the distinctness, the uniqueness, the individuality of the personality. I could then and still can imagine what he would look like were he physically visible:an old man in a robe, very old, very dignified and wise, but, most of all, loving and kind and gentle (yet firm, very firm)—but not as he is usually pictured, not a patriarch in the usual sense, more, perhaps, like a magician in contrast, though, to (say) Gandolf; much darker: gray and brown and black, in shadow, yes: in shadow, like Michelangelo painted him in his creating Eve, yet not so, but close to it. Not heroic, as Michelangelo painted him, and not Hebrew. More supernatural. Really sort of physical, not "spiritual." Yes: physical and supernatural, not a king or patriarch, all dark. Like a druid or humanist:learning. Not classical. Like a tree or a scholar. I know: Hence made of parchment, tree, branches, paper,cloth. He was not a type, like "the wise old King," not an archetype, not like a statue; he was an individual, not man but a given specific man (in contrast to sort of Platonic eidos). It was as if the universe had been created by one given specific individual man.
He described himself as a 'faun' and also found his face in a certain painting by Rubens, where again, S. looks like PKD. I will not offend your eyes with the whole.. nakedness of the father at this time, but you are most welcome to look into the vibrational nature of creation and possible Hermes/Dyonisus links, what with the horns and the wandering. Thamus Panmegas Tethneke!

That and the black-haired girl, the Queen of Heaven, gives quite a workable trinity, sattva, rajas, and tamas interlinked.
EDIT: And may I inform y'all, Keith Raniere, of NVIXM, was captured in that very town. Judgment indeed.

All the world says my Tao is great, but seems odd, like nothing on earth.
If it was like anything else, how small it would have been from the very beginning!
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Son Calenda/Fudo Myoo
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