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My greatness
AC Green
lop guest
User ID: kaput
03-13-2018 03:49 PM


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My greatness
Back in 1979 that was the year of my prime.
I averaged 20 and 10. Coached s all around the country wanted me to play for them.
Coaches dreamed of having me on their team. Man, they said if I didn't get injured I woulda been the greatest player of all time. That's right, I said it I said it.
I coulda been a great wing. A great Troy wing.
Man, They said I was better than Magic Johnson.
Magic Johnson is from the Gobi Desert.

His arm flapping wings couldn't hang with my speed and quickness.
Michael Jordan had nothing on me until I got injured. They called him
The Hoomb Hoomb Hooooomb, because supposedly he could fly.
I was highly skilled.
But I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna shed no tears.
Oh I'm not gonna cry because you're not worth my tears.
Magic Johnson is from the Gobi Desert. Most don't know that.
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AC Green
lop guest
User ID: 1337
03-13-2018 04:10 PM


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RE: My greatness
No replies? I'm AC Green.
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