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Veterans really hate Trump and think he is clearly a traitor
He Man
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12-26-2020 12:52 AM

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RE: Veterans really hate Trump and think he is clearly a traitor
So I was correct again. chuckle

A 52% election victory for Biden by active military and veterans against a sitting republican president, is very unusual, Trump really worked hard to turn what should have been a part of his base against him. Jhikpghf

Veterans Showed Up For Biden This Year — And Trump Wants To Dump Military Ballots
While Trump continues to pursue long-shot strategies that he thinks will overturn the democratic election results, which would include throwing out military ballots, President-elect Biden has moved forward with building transition teams and naming advisers, including for veterans’ issues.

"President-elect Joe Biden made significant headway in reducing the GOP’s long-held popularity with military voters, according to early election data, which is consistent with what polling by the outlet Military Times showed before the election.

The Military Times this week cited exit polling from Edison Research that showed 52 percent of military and veteran voters preferred President Donald Trump to Biden, who 45 percent preferred. That margin is much narrower than in 2016, when Trump enjoyed a 26-percent advantage, pulling in 60 percent to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s 34 percent.

Election analysts have warned about putting too much stock in exit polling this year and this early, but the Edison Research data is more reliable than most, as it surveyed both in-person and mail-in ballot voters (which some other pollsters failed to do).

The data is also consistent with other surveys of military and veteran voters, which showed Trump continually losing popularity among this group as he ignored reports of Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan, continued to fire defense officials at will, and reportedly called veterans who died “suckers and losers.” This also came after years of Trump denigrating Gold Star families like that of Khizr Khan’s and constantly attacking POW hero, the late Sen. John McCain, a Republican from Arizona.

By comparison, Biden is a Blue Star father who has spoken frequently and forcefully of the sacrifice his late son Beau Biden and other American soldiers have made. (Beau died of cancer in 2015 and was active in the Army National Guard before that.) During his time as Vice President, Biden and his wife Jill Biden focused on veterans’ issues, emphasizing the “sacred obligation” the country owes its veterans.


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“If you give up on democracy, you might as well give up on everything.”
-- Robert Reich

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12-26-2020 06:28 AM

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RE: Veterans really hate Trump and think he is clearly a traitor
He Man  Wrote: (07-13-2020 01:07 AM)
They are so spot on, Trump is a Putin puppet and a traitor. Scream1

Trump ripped as a ‘traitor’ by veterans for his mask photo-op at Walter Reed Hospital

"The veteran advocacy organization Vote Vets on Sunday blasted President Donald Trump for holding a photo-op at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

After a round of golf on Saturday, Trump traveled to the hospital to be photographed by the press pool wearing a mask, which was a first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vote Vets, which says it has raised over $120 million since being founded in 2006 and made over 50 million voter contacts, released a new video on Trump’s visit.

The ad says it shows “what wounded warriors see when Trump comes for a photo-op.”

Words then begin to appear on Trump’s mask.

“Putin won’t let me say a word about Russian bounties on your heads,” the words read.

The hashtag #TraitorTrump then appears on the mask."

I am a veteran and I don't hate Trump. I also know a lot of other veterans that don't.

Most of us know Biden is the real traitor along with the Bush's and Clintons and Obama.
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