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UFO disnfo narrative - same as today- 1952 LIFE magazine
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08-02-2020 05:25 PM

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abduct UFO disnfo narrative - same as today- 1952 LIFE magazine
1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incidents..
The sightings of July 19–20, 1952, made front-page headlines in newspapers around the nation. A typical example was the headline from the Cedar Rapids Gazette in Iowa. It read "SAUCERS SWARM OVER CAPITAL" in large black type

NOTE how the coverup included "extraterrestrial origin" - as early as this year.. by CIA scriptwriters.. and secret society members like Henry Luce, in his immensely popular publication, LIFE magazine. Front Page - must see:

Time magazine was founded when Henry Luce and his partner Briton Hadden "used their contacts through the Skull and Bones secret society," to directly quote a mainstream source about Luce, to get connected to the real echelons of power: J.P. Morgan figures, Standard Oil figures, and the like.

Luce was also a member of Alpha Delta Phi and Skull and Bones

[Image: marilyn2.jpg]
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RE: UFO disnfo narrative - FAKE ALIENS - 1952 Skull & Bones propaganda, LIFE magazine
This is the group the bravest president this country has ever had, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, warned us about. JFK saw the phoniness coming out of Roswell in 1947 - and wrote a letter as the junior Senator from Massachusetts, wondering why so many personnel changes were setup before that incident happened --- he knew why because his mentor was James Forrestal, and he was also friends with Neville Chamberlain, men who knew intricate details of what was taking place --- as did Patton.
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