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Protesting Germans Revolt Against 'Muzzle' Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions
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08-02-2020 06:12 PM


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flip Protesting Germans Revolt Against 'Muzzle' Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions
Protesting Germans Revolt Against 'Muzzle' Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions
Thousands of Germans took to the streets of Berlin on Saturday to protest the country's coronavirus measures - including wearing facemasks - which the protesters refer to as a "muzzle."

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands protest peacefully in Berlin against #COVID19 restrictions in Germany. Protesters chant "We are the people. We are fed up. Stop with the lies. Today marks the end of the pandemic."

— ? (@disclosetv) August 1, 2020
#BREAKING: Huge protest now in #Berlin, #Germany. They demonstrante against #Corona and against the government and they refuse to wear masks. Also no distance rules!#protests2020 #COVID #Covid_19 #COVIDIOTS #COVIDIOT #CoronaVirusDE #lockdown #ZweiteWelle #1agosto #1agustos

— Faruk Firat (@FarukFirat1987) August 1, 2020
"Our demand is to go back to democracy. Away with these laws that have been imposed on us, away with the masks that make us slave," said one woman, according to the BBC.

Restrictions in Germany include the wearing of face-coverings in shops and on public transport, social distancing rules and hygiene requirements apply throughout the country. Mandatory testing has been introduced for holidaymakers returning from high-risk areas. -BBC

The protesters are a mix of 'far right' and 'ordinary people who simply object to the government's approach to the pandemic,' according to the BBC's Damian McGuinness, who added that hardly anyone was wearing a face-covering or social distancing during the demonstration.

Germany has had over 210,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 9,000 deaths linked to the disease since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite recording 900 new cases on Friday, Germany remains one of the least affected European countries.

Heiko Schrang Rede vom 1.8.2020 - Tag der Freiheit
1,606 views•Aug 1, 2020

Here is some more about the peaceful uprising of the Germans and their call to an end to the BRD dictatorship

In 1949, after the London Conference, the allies installed a German puppet regime called BRD (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) to administer the united American, British and French occupation zone.

This regime was sold by to the Germans as the new democratic beginning. Since then, each and every German 'Chancellor' had to swear an oath of allegiance to the allies before taking office. This is known as the Kanzlerakte. Allied licensed media ensured to this day that the treasonous nature of the BRD regime was hidden. Every year this regime pays billions to the allies in open and secret 'dividends'. Now the lies fall apart, the regime media are exposed as the Lying Press (Luegenpresse) and the true nature of the regime is revealed. The people rise up peacefully like Gandhi to get rid of the allied occupation. The speaker in this video equates the uprising in 1953 against the Soviet occupation in East Berlin with the present uprising against the occupation regime of the western allies.

In the end Merkel's police tried to end the demonstration. 1.3 million would not want to be moved. Their battlecry was: 'Freiheit' (Freedom)
uhm nelson
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08-02-2020 10:34 PM


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RE: Protesting Germans Revolt Against 'Muzzle' Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions
silence of the lambs?

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08-02-2020 10:45 PM

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RE: Protesting Germans Revolt Against 'Muzzle' Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions

Germany: 45 officers injured at Berlin rally against coronavirus curbs
Berlin police said dozens of officers were injured — and three were hospitalized — while dispersing some 20,000 people protesting anti-pandemic measures. Many participants dismissed the coronavirus as a "false alarm."

Some 45 police officers were reportedly injured in Berlin on Saturday as they tried to break up a large gathering of people demonstrating against coronavirus restrictions, including the face mask requirement.

Three of the officers were being treated in hospital, Berlin police said in a statement.

More than 130 people were arrested, for offenses including resisting arrest, breach of the peace and the use of unconstitutional symbols.

Saturday's protests, through the streets of the German capital, went ahead despite a new spike in domestic cases, and warnings that Europe is being hit by a second wave.

The police said they deployed 1,100 officers to monitor the rally and later disperse the crowd of up to 20,000 people, which was widely criticized for not wearing masks or observing social distancing.

[Image: G2FRDqb.gif]

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08-02-2020 10:50 PM

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RE: Protesting Germans Revolt Against 'Muzzle' Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions
we have a no mask thing in our city next weekend

ppl gonna start doing more of them i'm guessing.


Just Plain Nuts.
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08-04-2020 07:32 PM


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RE: Protesting Germans Revolt Against 'Muzzle' Facemasks And Pandemic Restrictions

uhm nelson
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