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What A Faustian Bargain Must Feel Like
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: kaput
03-29-2018 12:43 AM


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What A Faustian Bargain Must Feel Like
What if you had the choice?

Forgo your wordy opinions, and become an instrument. Take orders, and you can taste comfort. Would you?

Some insight.

The longer you live in this world, the more transparent it becomes. Not for all of us, sadly, but for most. Eventually you come to view everything as externally and wholly as possible. Discover not just the truths you believe in, but the ones that haunt you. They are after all, all true. Over time one might come to realize that the invisible hand we all bit*h about has logic to it. You may find that for all the years you spend hating something, you only then find love in it. Left in such a moment to question your new found uncertainty in all things. Life is always evolving. Sometimes you find that what you know, changes what you think.

I honestly don't know anymore, what I think...

But it's always good to remember that if you only stick with what you believe, you hold yourself back. There's a lot of that in this world today. People hide behind sheltered opinions and don't discuss the space in between their lines. The world chooses to destroy itself and I am but a commoner with no real power to change any of this madness. Time to watch it burn to a nice glass of whiskey.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 1337
03-29-2018 12:45 AM


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RE: What A Faustian Bargain Must Feel Like
Everything you yearn for is already inside you.
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