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Past life readings here
LoP Guest
lop guest
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09-04-2020 03:14 PM


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RE: Past life readings here
I have a question. If I have only incarnated 4xs, where was I before all that?
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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09-04-2020 03:14 PM


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RE: Past life readings here
Oh please read mine! I'm excited!!
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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09-04-2020 03:20 PM


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gmorning RE: Past life readings here
I'd like a reading, please. Thanks in advance.
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Registered User
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09-04-2020 03:41 PM

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RE: Past life readings here
Annet  Wrote: (09-03-2020 11:14 AM)
Was logged in.

I’m not giving future life previews lol. That’s cheating and no lessons learnt before incarnating lol

I would think that to know anything about a person's future life it would entail you knowing the exact spiritual condition of that person when they passed on from this life.

You would also have to know what took place with that person's spirit when it was in an outer dimension between lives.

“If you want to influence Trump, you got to be the last guy he talks to."

Steve Bannon
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Registered User
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09-04-2020 05:10 PM

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RE: Past life readings here
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-04-2020 11:35 AM)
Ragnarök  Wrote: (09-02-2020 08:33 PM)
link to image:
that would be very generous of you
I'd like to know)

U already new wen I pointed out that someone on first page hadn’t incarnated here before. Yes u!

So ur here for one reason and that is balance. Discovering balance inside on who u are. Knowing yourself through and through and expecting every aspect of yourself. Then projecting this onto others. I feel u are one of those souls that are felt very strongly in a room. U can come across as very confident out spoken person to others when u are in a room. That doesn’t mean u are. Ur purpose is to know urself fully. Ur aura is illuminating cosmic blue. The blue ray is held within u and flows out of u constantly. People feel it when ur close to them on an energetic level.

Thank you!I knew it was me
although many times they convinced me that they just sterilized my memory[Image: 71eJ.gif]

«No one can harm you in your imagination»
[Image: tumblr_oc5dl4PNFR1vzen3ro2_250.gif]

It's nice to meet you
I wanna tell you, you don't exist
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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09-04-2020 06:10 PM


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RE: Past life readings here
King and queen ? Still waiting starting to think your a true reader that closed up shop
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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09-04-2020 06:58 PM


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RE: Past life readings here
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-04-2020 06:10 PM)
King and queen ? Still waiting starting to think your a true reader that closed up shop

Give me chance. I’m a busy bee. Reading takes up an hour and half just to do 3. Patience

Oh and I’m not going to answer stupid questions
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 556888
09-04-2020 07:09 PM


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RE: Past life readings here
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-02-2020 08:49 PM)
Hi Sweetie
Did I. kill the king then rape the queen last time around?

No u didn’t lol. But u were a women or struggled to get by. 6 children u had. Husband had passed away on the second and the father of the other 4 left. Dates I see for this previous life was 1804-1901. Spain. U lived a very long full hard life. Loads of struggle throughout. This is ur karma from other lives and u have carried into into this one too. U seem to have had quiet a few full lives like ur previous. I see 41 incarnations
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lop guest
User ID: 559500
09-04-2020 07:12 PM


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RE: Past life readings here
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-04-2020 11:46 AM)
Copacetic  Wrote: (09-02-2020 08:40 PM)
I’m curious if there’s any sense of a before with me, as every other “psychic” I’ve asked ended up looking confused and a bit scared when I inquired about this in the past. Let’s see what you can intuit.

9 lives meow lol. Previous life born in the 1600s! This is odd. Right ok... immediately I’m seeing blood dripping down my vision. Im seeing chains moulded into the wet moss walls. Stinks! Seeing a man in his 40s decaying away. It’s really not a nice thing to see. I feel there been torture here. His hair is so long and his facial hair, I can’t see his face. He’s soaking wet and blood smeared all over his body. Slices of wounds across the torso. One leg severely infected from the metal cuffs, looks like it’s going to come away from the leg. This was u sorry! Ur soul lingered after passing in the void. Couldn’t move on but also remains were not found for a very long time. By 1800s the remains was discovered and ur soul released itself. U didn’t incarnated until this life time. U chose as a soul to be a service to other souls incarnated. Would of been to traumatic to incarnate u straight away.

Lucky u to bring no karma into this life! But u have built up some while walking this path.

I find this interesting, as you are the first who perceived any previous incarnations. All others I’ve asked, stated this is my first time around...but they admitted there was something odd about what they could sense, as my soul seemed amazingly ancient. I won’t go into the rest of what I was told, except to say those others also believed I chose to be here to help others. Servant and teacher to many, but Lord to none, that part may hold some bearing. However, I know that my appearance here wasn’t solely my own decision. I came here unwillingly, and with trepidation.

As for your perceptions being about my most recent former appearance here, I have recollections of another period in time more recent than that. Although, some of which you described happening to that poor fellow, directly correlates to my current situation...eerily so. Very interesting read. Thanks for your insight. By chance would you know the man’s name or any info regarding his situation before death?
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The Ghost Of LOP
Registered User
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09-04-2020 08:08 PM

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RE: Past life readings here
OK I give...

Who was I ?

I am so confused !!!
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Hans Ocelot
lop guest
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09-04-2020 08:52 PM


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RE: Past life readings here
Annet  Wrote: (09-04-2020 10:56 AM)
Hans Ocelot  Wrote: (09-02-2020 08:31 PM)
Yes please, Annet. Sounds very interesting.

42 lives incarnated here. Previous life. Male twin born in the 1920s both passed together at war. Had a nice childhood together. I’m picking up street play but streets stink of chimney smoke and it’s so smokey everywhere. U were both called up very young. 14 years old! U served 6 years total before explosion took u both. Nothing really standing out for this life but I’m drawn to the previous one before that which telling me bad karma in a few of ur lives. You were young in the previous one too. I’m thrown a book infront of me and each page symbolises your lives. I flip through to 23rd incarnation and there is some heavy witchcraft on this incarnated life. Things were meddled with that should of been and caused bad karma to go round and round.
I know focus on this incarnation ur in now and I’m shown a cord that needs to be cut.

Thank you. That is a lot to digest. Sounds like I have much to atone for.
Make me wonder because while there has been tremendous pain in this life (mental anguish) I also feel my condition has allowed me to help my family and I actually feel blessed. I can say that now because I'm not depressed. Other times don't feel anything like a blessing. I have to continue to remind myself it is. I'll think about that cord.
Enjoy your holiday weekend.
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Repentance Revolution
lop guest
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09-05-2020 12:08 AM


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RE: Past life readings here
Annet  Wrote: (09-03-2020 11:49 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-02-2020 08:18 PM)
I'm in!

While we wait ...

Is it true that Trump's past life was General George S. Patton?
Is it true that Obama's past life was President Abraham Lincoln?

Oh no not a trump question. People think I’m weird wen I respond about him lol. Well I say it anyway. Trump ever since I saw him years again I knew instantly he’s never incarnated here before. His energy really gets me going in a negative way. So no he in not a carnation of humans. His energy is pretty close to the same energy of a demon! Everybody thinks I’m crazy but it feels the same energy. I feel like my energy field goes over drive, prickly, sweaty, heavy out in my stomach, rage wanting to force out of me to release that energy Iv just picked up from him. There is allot of incarnated humans here that do have demon souls at present hmmmm. Moving along away from that now lol.

Obama has incarnated many many times. He actually has a good soul. I’m grinding as I write that coz also people disbelieve that also lol. He is a very old soul.

Are you sure you’re picking up on the right Obama?

This is a non-existent timeline, in the actual timeline ‘President Obama’ was a dark force (as he is in this one), but agents of The Sovereign One went back in time and made it so that he never fell with Lucifer. Instead, Obama (in the actual timeline) ended up as a light force, never fell, but was never President either.

In the actual timeline, Obama was an angel, an ophan, called Ubaru. He fell and became the demon Ubaru; and then the reptilian Ubaru. He got translated into pure sentience, and was applied to the Barry egregore worshipped into manifestation by Frank Marshall Davis & Ann Dunham. Once sentient, Barry became a Reptilian. From that point onward, it assumed, on and off, the disguise of a human being called ‘Obama’.

However, none of this now happened in the actual timeline. Obama is now an actual human, a Reverend, not a politician, and is the incarnation of the angel Ubaru. Ubaru the reptilian still existed, but it was/is a separate soul. Also, Frank Marshall Davis repented of all his sins and became born-again before the manifestation ritual would have otherwise happened. There is now no Barry egregore.

As to Trump, he is the reptilian Ezzareth. He repented in the actual timeline and became the angel Enzeron, leaving his human body. Light forces went back in time to prevent him (and LBJ, Ford, George HW Bush, and Obama) from becoming President, but could not prevent Trump from falling with Lucifer. However, in the actual timeline he now repents of everything.

In the actual timeline, the Presidents from 1961-present are:

John F. Kennedy (Light Force) 1961-1969
Richard Nixon (Light Force) 1969-1977
Jimmy Carter (Dark Force) 1977-1981
Ronald Reagan (Dark Force) 1981-1989
Bob Dole (Dark Force) 1989-1993
Bill Clinton (Dark Force) 1993-2001
Al Gore (Dark Force) 2001-2009
Rand Paul (Light Force) 2009-2017
Justin Amash (Light Force) 2017-Present
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lop guest
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09-05-2020 12:18 AM


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RE: Past life readings here
sounds fun. I would love a past lives
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Registered User
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09-05-2020 12:33 AM

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RE: Past life readings here
[Image: oh-god-the-cute-future-debt-burns-my-eyes]

Hey, Ridley, you got any Beeman's?
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lop guest
User ID: 559547
09-05-2020 02:30 AM


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RE: Past life readings here
Yes Please, I would really like a reading. Thank you in advance! Heartflowers
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