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Thailand's king should not reign from German soil, Berlin says
He Man
Another day in paradise
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10-18-2020 01:35 AM

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RE: Thailand's king should not reign from German soil, Berlin says
Sultan of Wings  Wrote: (10-17-2020 10:25 PM)
The Modest Poster  Wrote: (10-17-2020 10:07 PM)
It's a political mistake to admit to having a harem, he shouldn't make it so obvious that he's a PERVERT. chuckle

Perversion is everywhere in Thailand. They sell children out for prostitution to rich Westerners. It's been known for many many years.


Sex trafficking of children and adults to wealthy foreigners is sadly rampant in many Asian countries. So much can be done but there is huge corruption and massive poverty while this particular king steals much of the wealth for himself and his corrupt cronies. Scream1

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10-18-2020 04:15 AM

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RE: Thailand's king should not reign from German soil, Berlin says
Sultan of Wings  Wrote: (10-17-2020 10:24 PM)
Thais really hate their eccentric new King. He is not stupid. He is a licences pilot for many types. He has his own B737-800 which he flies himself. He spends more time in Germany than in Thailand. He has suites booked at one of the 5 star hotels at Munich Airport where he leaves his plane and he goes to a resort in Switzerland by helicopter with his pets and women.

He is really weird.


There is nothing weird about this whatsoever, he is simply a billionaire playboy who is living a life of absolute luxury and doing whatever he wishes all for his own pleasure and entertainment.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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10-18-2020 04:57 AM


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RE: Thailand's king should not reign from German soil, Berlin says
He Man  Wrote: (10-18-2020 01:32 AM)
Thanks for posting on this. Time for the king to step down and help form a democratic government.

5* and pin requested.

Pretty sure they dont need, nor would they want any advice from you. In fact, the start of any conversation where you might stick you fat stupid face in it should involve a ball gag and some chloroform.
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