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Investigation beginning over PFIZER jab after recent death.
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01-15-2021 12:57 PM

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RE: Investigation beginning over PFIZER jab after recent death.
Yeti  Wrote: (01-14-2021 08:16 PM)
The US government hasn't even asked permission to do mass human experiments on it's own unsuspecting populations in the past. (If you think that's not true - Google it and then read it and

The vaccine companies are off the hook for adverse reactions/deaths legally. An RNA based vaccine is unprecedented...first try at that. Testing of the vaccines falls short of normal standards. Testing for the virus is woefully inaccurate. The vaccine can only be described as an experiment.

I can't imagine why anyone would trust the vaccine companies with their track records.

Does anyone recall the Gardisil vaccine and thousands of permanently disabled or dead pre-teens a few years ago? Probably not. It's odd how the deaths/reactions from this new reaction are covered more on regular news. It's almost like they're propagating an environment of fear on purpose....lolol Psyop.

Exactly Yeti!!
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