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HMP St Nicholas - Drakes island as a state prison
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01-13-2021 10:13 PM


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teach HMP St Nicholas - Drakes island as a state prison
Once the monarchy was restored in 1660 Charles II decided to secure the throne by changing laws to favour the Crown, emasculating any opposition by ensuring his supporters were in all the positions of authority and showing he was not to be challenged with overt displays of power. All three came into play to some extent on the Island.

One of the first things Charles could and did do was to imprison those in power during the Commonwealth for treason. Part of this included making dual use of St Nicholas Island not only as a fort but also as one of a number of State Prisons. As Plymouth had held out so long for Parliament and had been a religious nonconformist or Puritan hotbed this was probably intended as an overt warning to Plymouth that opposition would not be tolerated. Although small in number, probably only 9 in total, the prisoners were all high profile including the senior nonconformist clergy from Plymouth. The first prisoner was Colonel Robert Lilburne, a senior Parliamentary Commander who had been one of 59 regicides who signed the Death Warrant of Charles I. The last prisoner, Major-General John Lambert died on the Island in 1684 when the Island became solely a fort again.
It was also fortified in the 19th century due to fears of an Napoleonic invasion. On the south coast there are many unused sea forts , forts and underground bases
If you get a chance you should got and see the scale of them and understand the huge guns.

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