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Trump tried to force Georgia to change it's election results through a DOJ coup
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 572667
01-25-2021 09:16 PM


Post: #61
RE: Trump tried to force Georgia to change it's election results through a DOJ coup
Isabella  Wrote: (01-25-2021 07:36 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (01-25-2021 05:07 AM)
Ha, ha, ha.
The last person who seriously tried to call me a racist got smacked down in court.

Again with the insults. They will get you nowhere. I don't think you understand what optics mean in politics.

Obama was the front for the most powerful people as the world, as is harris.

It was so depressing to see colin powell and condi rice play their parts for the dumya bush "smart people" who got the u.s. mired in the m.e. as well as covering for the mass murder of black and brown people.

Some reason why you are fawning over the two of them?
Payola, or something?

I know exactly what optics means in politics which is why your claims about Obama and Harris who are both black were chosen for their optics is racist.

btw: I forgot just how f'ed in the head you are.
My bad.

Insults will get you nowhere.

You keep repeating the same falsehoods about me.

You have doxxed me.

I have never searched out your replies because they are always the same.

To repeat, I was able to get someone who seriously called me a racist smacked down and she had to withdraw her charge.

Yes, I have noticed how pocs and women of any race are used.

"See, we aren't sexist or racist," while the powers behind them do what they want, usually having to do with money or power, signalling virtue all the way.

People who are real cters notice these things.

To my knowledge, only one female poc has pulled back the curtain.

She was someone who had been helped by jessica brownstein mulroney, daughter-in-law of the former canadian prime minister and besties with the obama coalition poppet, meghan markle, wife of the man formerly known as prince harry.

When jessica threatened to "unmake" her, the female poc let the world know how and by whom she was so threatened.

Good. May more follow suit.

Seriously, quit posting serious allegations, such as racism.

I deliberately avoid all your threads, as well as mostly the others who are boringly and consistently political.

What are you folks doing on a ct board anyway, especially if you are going to insult people's mental health, especially on one called "lunatic" outpost.

Intelligent people upset those who are not.
My guess is the hq isn't wasting their best on our humble ct site.
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