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Unmasking California's $1b deal with China right before the pandemic
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01-23-2021 09:51 PM


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Unmasking California's $1b deal with China right before the pandemic

"A controversial Chinese firm that has connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), was able to land a $1 billion mask contract with a bunch of sleazy California politicians in April of 2020. Judicial Watch recovered 848 pages on the matter, including communications and contract negotiations between high level Chinese business elites and California politicians. The deals between the California Office of Emergency Services and Chinese firm BYD show just how compromised American government is. It has become apparent that US elected officials are willing to sell Americans short and adopt the culture of the CCP inside the United States. In fact, the company involved in pushing masks onto the American population is a CCP-connected entity that had set up a division to sell masks to Americans before masks were even talked about in the US."
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01-23-2021 09:53 PM


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RE: Unmasking California's $1b deal with China right before the pandemic
"he corruption was flagrant. Brian Stansbury, a board member of the San Francisco Employees Retirement System contacted his $200 million investment partner, Paul Teng of Himalaya Capital. The two conspired with Grady Joseph, the Assistant Director of Recovery Operations at the Office of Emergency Services for the California state government. Mr. Teng convinced his investment partner to procure a contract for 4 million N95 masks and 3 million surgical masks with the Chinese firm by simply exploiting his California government connections.

The contract set up a purchase order under the title, “Equipment Master Supply Purchase Order Agreement.” BYD listed the seller as “Global Healthcare Product Solutions, LLC.” When BYD executives were later questioned about the use of a third-party name as the contracting entity, they revealed they set up a contract manufacturing division early in 2020 to sell healthcare products in the US. BYD was put in a position to sell masks to Americans long before masks were ever talked about as a mitigation tool for covid-19. It turns out that the CCP has been manipulating Americans with mask propaganda and giving kickbacks to government officials for a product they could force Americans to consume."

So they already set up sh*t before that, and early in 2020 they "needed" masks with very convenient timing.
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