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UK to speed up vaccinations, every adult by July.
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03-01-2021 08:11 PM

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RE: UK to speed up vaccinations, every adult by July.
Well just turned the news off.

Now is there any bloody point now in this vaccine?

All those ppl who have had it, what a waste of time!

Now they saying, we don’t know if the vaccine works. But don’t worry we know 5 ppl are definitely quarantined with this Brazilian variant. Oh but one we don’t know where they are but it’s ok coz it won’t spread like wildfire coz we have it under control.

Stupid government!

Then before u know it, it will spread fast, right across the country coz the goverment were to slow in sorting hotels out.
It’s we the civilians that get the backlash of the f**ked up error. We will be told u can’t do this, u can’t do that.
If they do the jobs faster and more efficiently then we wouldn’t need to be lockdown forever.

Pointing fingers at goverment. There fault, not us.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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03-01-2021 08:17 PM


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RE: UK to speed up vaccinations, every adult by July.
Disturbed  Wrote: (02-28-2021 08:57 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-27-2021 10:26 PM)
Yeah okay, I am gonna allow them to inject me with an experimental drug just so you can go down the pub and get sh*tfaced.

You rather have a RNA virus that's supposedly developed in a Chinese lab ravaging through your body?

People should check the #longcovid hashtag on twitter.

The same people in charge of the response are the same ones in charge of the gain of function project at the Wuhan lab; the NIH.
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