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WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
LoP Guest
lop guest
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02-28-2021 01:27 PM


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RE: WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
LoP Guest  Wrote: (02-28-2021 04:10 AM)
Cowboy  Wrote: (02-28-2021 03:54 AM)

I'll do it for you.
"Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law."

Do you think that describes Biden and the WEF?
Do they care if you consent?
Do they respect your personal liberty?
Do they want to live under the same law you live under?

Wake up.

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02-28-2021 04:12 PM

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RE: WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
"They are the Fascists, not us."

[Says the party of the White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis]

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02-28-2021 04:31 PM

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RE: WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
Alian2  Wrote: (02-28-2021 01:07 AM)
Heil Twitler.


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02-28-2021 04:57 PM

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RE: WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
He Man  Wrote: (02-27-2021 10:07 PM)
It really does seem the Trump/republican party wants to be the party of white supremacy and neo-nazi violence and dictatorship. Scream1

CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol
Never hear of the "Odal rune?" Nazis have. So have the designers of the CPAC stage.

Wondering what Baby Goebbels has been up to since Herr Twitler has moved south? Apparently, it's set design.

Check out what an astute graphic designer, Hami, noticed about the CPAC stage.

What the hell is an "Odal rune?" Sounds like an inner ear parasite, or a cool name for a band.

Turns out, it's a symbol worn by the Nazi SS guards on their lapels, and it has little-to-no significance outside of that context.

In case there is any doubt about whether the Republican party can now be reclaimed or redeemed by any sort of "reasonable" folks, let this dispel that doubt. They are full-on embracing their fascism.


good find
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02-28-2021 05:03 PM

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RE: WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
C/A deserves some credit, posted some of that yesterday,

But good thread!
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Every day is an extra day
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02-28-2021 06:04 PM

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RE: WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
Alian2  Wrote: (02-28-2021 04:19 AM)
Authoritarianism does not know left or right.

Fascism is a right wing ideology.

What is fascism?


Given the term’s current – and sometimes erroneous – use, I think it’s important to distinguish what fascism is and is not.

Race-first thinking

Fascism, now a century old, got its start with Benito Mussolini and his Italian allies. They named their movement after an ancient Roman emblem, the fasces, an ax whose handle has been tightly reinforced with many rods, symbolizing the power of unity around one leader.

Fascism means more than dictatorship, however.

It’s distinct from simple authoritarianism – an anti-democratic government by a strongman or small elite – and “Stalinism” – authoritarianism with a dominant bureaucracy and economic control, named after the former Soviet leader. The same goes for “anarchism,” the belief in a society organized without an overarching state.

Above all, fascists view nearly everything through the lens of race. They’re committed not just to race supremacy, but maintaining what they called “racial hygiene,” meaning the purity of their race and the separation of what they view as lower ones.


Capitalism is good

For fascists, capitalism is good. It appeals to their admiration of “the survival of the fittest,” a phrase coined by social Darwinist Herbert Spencer, so long as companies serve the needs of the fascist leadership and the “Volk,” or people.

In exchange for protecting private property, fascists demand capitalists act as cronies.


Might makes right


For fascists, might makes right.

Since for them the law should be subservient to the needs of the people and the need to crush socialism or liberalism, fascists encourage party militias. These enforce the fascist will, break unions, distort elections and intimidate or co-opt the police.


What fascists reject

First and foremost, fascists want to revolt against socialism. That’s because it threatens the crony capitalism that fascists embrace.

Not only does socialism aim for equal prosperity no matter the race, but many socialists tend to envision the eventual extinction of separate nations, which offends the strong fascist belief in nation states.


Fascists also reject democracy, at least any democracy that could potentially result in socialism or too much liberalism. In a democracy, voters can choose social welfare policies. They can level the playing field between classes and ethnicities, or seek gender equality.

Fascists oppose all of these efforts.

Fascism grows from nationalism

Fascism is the logical extreme of nationalism, the roughly 250-year-old idea that nation states should be built around races or historical peoples.

The first fascists didn’t invent these ideas out of nothing – they just pushed nationalism further than anyone had before. For the fascist, it’s not just that a nation state makes “the people” sovereign. It’s that the will of righteous, real people – and its leader – comes before all other considerations, including facts.

Indeed, the will, the people, their leader and the facts are all one in fascism.

"Imagine being so brainwashed that you believe everybody else is brainwashed." ~bloobeary
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He Man
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03-01-2021 10:33 PM

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RE: WOW this was planned: CPAC 2021 Stage Shaped Like Nazi Symbol "Odal rune"
So Hyatt hotels, seems convinced this was a planed design to link CPAC/republican/Trump party to far right hate groups and extremest far right domestic terrorism.

CPAC lashes out at Hyatt after hotel chain says stage resembling a Nazi rune is 'abhorrent'

"Organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Monday lashed out at Hyatt Hotels after the company released a statement criticizing the design of their stage.

Social media users claimed the stage design at CPAC was in the shape of Odal rune -- an obscure symbol used by the Nazis.

On Sunday, Hyatt issued a statement distancing the company from the conference.

"We take the concern raised about the prospect of symbols of hate being included in the stage design at CPAC 2021 very seriously as all such symbols are abhorrent and unequivocally counter to our values as a company," Hyatt said.

In response, the American Conservative Union (ACU) -- the organization that puts on CPAC -- lashed out at the company's criticism.

"Contrary to Hyatt's own mission statement of inclusivity, your company just attacked its own customer by caving into the pressures of the politically motivated social media agitators who seek to destroy CPAC, our attendees and speakers from across the country, and the millions of Americans who support our work. Hyatt made a decision to issue additional statements late last night after the conference ended that disparaged and defamed us. These statements appear to validate demonstrably false and malicious claims," ACU argued.

The organization, which let Trump push lies about election fraud, argued criticisms of their state design are "irresponsible, untrue, and contribute to a climate of division and hatred."

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"They pelted us with rocks and garbage!"
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