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Oxfam: UK halts funding over new sexual exploitation claims
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04-08-2021 05:33 AM

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angry1 Oxfam: UK halts funding over new sexual exploitation claims

"The UK has suspended aid funding for Oxfam again after fresh allegations of sexual exploitation and bullying were made against staff.

Two Oxfam workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were suspended last week following the latest claims.

The charity had only been allowed to start reapplying for aid funds in March.

It had served a three-year ban after a cover-up of sexual exploitation by staff in Haiti came to light in 2018.

The Foreign and Development Office said Oxfam would not be able to make any applications for UK aid money until the new allegations were resolved.

"All organisations bidding for UK aid must meet the high standards of safeguarding required to keep the people they work with safe," a spokesman said.

The recent reports "call into question" Oxfam's ability to meet those standards, he added.

Oxfam said its suspensions of the two members of staff showed "our commitment to tackle abuses of power".

The allegations of sexual exploitation by Oxfam staff in Haiti in 2018 lifted the lid on the dark underbelly of international aid charities.

The scandal and the reforms that followed were supposed to put an end to that.

But the latest allegations emerging from the Democratic Republic of Congo pose new questions about whether there has been enough change.

Certainly, the Foreign Office does not think Oxfam yet meets the highest standards of safeguarding.

After three years in the cold, just a month after it was finally able to resume applications for UK aid, Oxfam is once again shunned by Whitehall.

Even if this is only a temporary pause in funding, the charity's reputation has suffered another blow."

I did voluntary work for OXFAM they are one of the worst charities, they are very self centred, treat volunteers like slave labour.

Always a clean chop.
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