news Former MoD insider says UFOs are real and often narrowly miss crashing into planes
news Astronomers discovered 10 new moons of Jupiter. Where have they been hiding?
news Worms frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years come back to life
news High Strangeness at the Mysterious Bradshaw Ranch
news Great Pyramid can collect and focus energy
news Air Force fails to acknowledge mysterious meteor that crashed near US military base
news Rogue planet detected outside our solar system
news The Human-Bigfoot War of 1855
news We Asked People at a UFO Conference About Their Alien Encounters
news Work begins on Large Hadron Collider upgrade
news Jeremy Corbell Interviews Radar Operator of the Tic Tac UFO Event

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lop guest
User ID: 1337
04-18-2018 02:44 AM


Post: #16
but wait.

that didnt come out right.

i said a whole page. lol.

and it got wiped, i think i did it myself by accident maybe, i dunno for sure, i did kinda slip on that last key.


but what i said was as per in the video it is nothing to worry about.

its been in existence since 2005 exactly the same as it is now currently.

and as it is said in the video, it can be turned off, but not by mortals.

and then i explained all of that.

and then how i noted that russia publicly disclosed how to turn it off first, followed by others, nsa chiming in eventually.

5 years ago.

but everytime i see this thread recycle around, its always like fresh bait. i mean meat. i mean who doesnt know all about this by now?.

mostly everybody lol.
and then i went into the sonic airgapping pain field weapontry and such.

i think thats what did it.

anyway this is like really really really old old old news already.

but as i said, this tidbit, always comes out smelling so fresh everytime.

because it it very very true.
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