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Dr. Lance Hindt - "Homicidal Bully School Superintendent"
lop guest
User ID: kaput
04-17-2018 01:37 AM


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Dr. Lance Hindt - "Homicidal Bully School Superintendent"
I've been following this story, basically a Houston suburban school administrator is confronted
at a public school board meeting by his victim for being a high school bully - 30 years ago - and sticking this
guys head in a dirty urinal. Gross, but I did some really stupid stuff in high school.

Here is where it gets bad - the bully, Dr. Lance Hindt, just laughs and says "unbelievable", awkwardly dismissing
the guy as he rants and raves in the back of the room. Not professional, could have been nice about it, even if it wasn't true, went out for a cup of coffee, moved on.

It get's worse and worse. The guy makes over 400k a year (29k a year vehicle allowance, plus free fuel) but doesn't give an F. A judge in Texas comes out and said
he remembered the incident, and basically called Dr. Lance a psychopathic bully.

More people come forward.

His response at a meeting: "Only God can judge me." Bad tattoo advice.

Then The Houston Chronicle uncovers that this guy once beat a man into a five day coma over a road rage incident.

He spent 80 million bucks on a football stadium, most taxpayers were upset.

He is one of the worse censors of high school books in the country:

Removed book due to parent complaints without following school board policy and procedures regarding challenged materials.


They will not fire him until what? Diddles a few dozen kids? Sweet job, do whatever the F you want,
get over 400k a year.

There are more, each year he gets something else free, free car, free gas, free housing,
5 year contracts. Man I didn't know there was so much money in public education.
lop guest
User ID: 1337
04-17-2018 01:43 AM


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RE: Dr. Lance Hindt - "Homicidal Bully School Superintendent"
I don't care what the guy did in high school, but he has repeatedly denied everything despite
dozens of reputable citizens, policeman, judge, saying he did it.

The lying in a formal tax payer meeting, it's not right.

Then his background is just heinous, and the school board stands behind him,
no matter what.

Add to that, the school district has a recorded problem with bullying, and the head guy
is literally - even today - the classic definition of a bully.

In movies and even in real life, I always believed bullies get what is coming to them, but
this guy appears to be bulletproof.
Donald J Trump
Homer's University of GREATNESS
User ID: 1337
04-17-2018 02:01 AM

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RE: Dr. Lance Hindt - "Homicidal Bully School Superintendent"
Here is a kid standing up to a bully.

Bully got knocked the f*#k out!!!


[Image: Bully+gets+smashed+he+just+gets+punched+...646487.gif]

"Go with the flow, like a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream" Del Griffith

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