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Spike in UFO sightings across the nation says military!
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07-14-2021 06:58 PM

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Spike in UFO sightings across the nation says military!

I am afraid
As I stand beside you
I have denied you
I am afraid
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LoP Guest
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07-14-2021 07:56 PM


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RE: Spike in UFO sightings across the nation says military!
Wrong..maybe my alien military, not your dumbasses..??

100,000 gullitines
FEMA camp coffins

I was running for independent party, blocked, infringement of speech everything murdered, tech stolen for 29 years I took out Fukushima to usher in anti-radiation tech since govt stole my tech 29 years, I told aliens make me create tech that if stolen or ignored will cause extinction level events, govt is illegal..

I pictured virus in 2014 that caused Colorado norovirus, I pictured pigs dying cause govt gangstalking me with police and millions pig die in china swine flu, I pictured virus in China 1 1/2 ago when I saw they had no UV light to kill viruses, dirty back alley, i questioned what viruses were being created then corona began wiping out planet.

....I told planet to say inside 21 days to dodge ebola, next day radio says all Africa stating inside 21 days.
Obama pushed Muslim rape sex with kids and Islam in all schools, so all muslim immigrants with disease, plus Ebola, so most everybody setup with AIDS now, then trump throws maskless rallies, does not shut down for spring break. Mardi gras or sturgess bike festival, allowed flights and cruises..

Heck I posted I Russia Malaysia and India craigslist and three of those countries get meteors, I pictured my aliens mind controlling your CDC scientists to bring them CDcvirises to drop oneteors found in river one year from quake I told Mark Zuckerberg I'd hit him with for banning me off Facebook for telling the truth April 4-5 ,2018 CDC scientist found in river April 5,2019, Obama tried to drop a nuke on South Carolina Dillon shooter kid shoots 7 in church over.
I predicted 9/11 by two days Fukushima by one to usher in radiation neutralizing tech still to this day, govt stealing my tech since 1992, killing all my friends and family and celebrities on weekly to daily basis. I got nuke to detonate day I wanted in Russia two October's ago killing 5 in Russia..
I'm God , help me rid US govt asap. Before they finish killing you all!!


Meds I'm a whacked out and deluded spammer Pcell

April 17, 2019 UFO dropping off meteor OVER DC and Germany
Cuba meteor

Gainesville meteor

I was thinking of dating my bosses daughter from NJ NY, and they get that meteor, then I watch YouTube video women in cuba, then that meteor.
i tell friend in Gainesville then that meteor.. I tell ex GF from michigan and that meteor..

i purposely post my meteor predictions and pics of me growing up I air Force to get Thules AFB meteor.

my stucco boss and I talking about Costa Rica then Costa Rica meteor.., then Puerto Rico meteor, then I ask where my gold is, then gold meteor, Elon musk stealing

Yemen was on my mind all week , then Yemen meteor.. 2015 I picture DC on purpose then they get meteor, I did test again 2019 got that meteor too...
DC meteor 2019

Yemen meteor

back in 2013 I asked to be killed by meteor since planet stole and murdered most things around me or made them kill themselves..week later Russian Chebyalinsk meteor blows doors and windows on 1000's of people, that's when I knew...
I'm made this video as a warning back in 2013 , no gave two shots about..
Agenda 101

Then they couldn't make up their mind on virus, need biosuits in hospitals it just cloth mask in real world. They flooded info constantly, Trump put tariffs on china killed Iranian general, those were first two countries hit by virus, I was posting my info in wuhan china, therefore china didn't want democracy to take over their country so release virus with George Soros own CDC clinic to murder population of Earth for elite, elite have everything from citizens , they have resources, funding, tech, they don't need us anymore..we already got them everything, now we know they behind crimes since WW2 German scientists split with Russia, more, Vietnam, nicaraqua, Manuel Noriega with coke bush family, heroin and fentanyl with Obama, and fentanyl with trump and china. After 60 years in opiate countries devasted USA all by design.
Trust me, I know my history in chronological order,
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