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Anti-vaxxers and BLM are one in the same
Dr. Munda
lop guest
User ID: 607217
11-30-2021 07:21 PM


Post: #1
Anti-vaxxers and BLM are one in the same
Hello my name is Dr. Munda and I'm here to tell you that the anti-vaxxer movement we are seeing across social media is sponsored by African think tanks who have always historically mistrusted Western medicine preferring traditional African homeopathy such as voodoo instead.

Anti-vaxxers and BLM are both tentacles on the hydras head which is the Kundalia Foundation, an organisation which trains traditional healers to cure HIV and AIDs. The Kundalia Foundation is actually a shell company for the secretive "Crocodile Society" which openly practices cannibalism and petitions for its legalisation.

The Crocodile Society is opposed to all forms of Western medicine and culinary habits and has been heavily involved in the recruitment of HIV positive people in western countries to disseminate anti-vaxxer propaganda online, designed to undermine Western medical science with the ultimate aim of replacing it with African superstition and folk religion.
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 607215
11-30-2021 07:23 PM


Post: #2
RE: Anti-vaxxers and BLM are one in the same
That sure is an opinion you've got there "Dr".


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