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Dutch researchers uncover dirty jokes in Anne Frank's diary
singing spider
krautistan terrarist
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05-17-2018 02:54 PM

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RE: Dutch researchers uncover dirty jokes in Anne Frank's diary
LoP Guest  Wrote: (05-17-2018 12:31 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (05-16-2018 01:03 PM)
It has been proven that Anne Frank's story is a hoax, so who cares what else they find? It's highly unlikely a 13-year old girl would write dirty jokes at that time anyway.

That's right! What 13 year old would tell a dirty joke! This is just unheard of. Could you imagine? What kind of parents would allow that? What kind of world would you have to live in? Just think of the degradation that would be needed to turn society so horrible and perverse that a 13 year old would think of something dirty!?

This is impossible. Unthinkable. Forbidden.

In fact, this thread should be locked to protect innocent 13 year old minds from thinking the unthinkable.

chuckle some people have never been 13 it seems

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05-18-2018 04:06 PM

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RE: Dutch researchers uncover dirty jokes in Anne Frank's diary
The authenticity of it has been in doubt since the 50's, but, you know, money buys silence and so do threats of violence and threats financial ruin, so no wonder he changed his mind(we all know thatis how "they" work)??
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