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If you could change your own reality with ease
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05-16-2018 06:19 PM

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RE: If you could change your own reality with ease
The Ghost Of LOP  Wrote: (05-16-2018 04:23 PM)
What if we could change our own reality with ease. Not effecting the rest of the world just our version of it and the way we sense it.

Sort of like A Dr. Strange sense of changing reality.

I'd be rid of chronic illness and terminal illness, and that when it's my time (or anyone else's time) to cross over, we all just seamlessly cross over with a snap of the fingers. No more long and drawn out deaths and/or painful lifetime illness.

"They notice that you notice" - Mothman Prophecies doomed

A tradition cannot make an historical claim and then refuse to have it evaluated by history
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