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Senate Votes to Preserve Net Neutrality
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: kaput
05-17-2018 04:34 AM


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banana Senate Votes to Preserve Net Neutrality
Boning the fat Dumbass inbred!
From the article:

"Restoring the FCC’s net neutrality rules would ensure that the internet remains the open and level field we’ve come to know and value."

The Senate voted Wednesday to overturn an action by the Federal Communications Commission that's slated to end net neutrality next month.

The 52-47 vote is just the latest in a complicated string of events surrounding net neutrality rules over the past several years. And while net neutrality advocates cheered the vote, the measure's fate in the House appears uncertain. Even if the House did back the Senate vote, President Trump is unlikely to sign the resolution since he supported the FCC's decision to end net neutrality.

Here's what consumers need to know.

Under net neutrality, all internet traffic is transmitted to consumers the same way, regardless of whether an internet service provider has a financial interest in one content provider or another.
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۩ Meow ۩
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05-17-2018 04:50 AM

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RE: Senate Votes to Preserve Net Neutrality
thats good news...but now it all comes down to what action the house will do about it. so iam right now skeptical of the outcome. once that level of protection is gone, big isps like comcast will be able to set their own rules to which hours i can access online and how much of my data cap i can use per month -right now its 1029GB...what if they reduce that to just 250GB? but im overreacting here.

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Iam in no way in support of articles i post.
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LoP Guest
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05-17-2018 05:02 AM


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RE: Senate Votes to Preserve Net Neutrality
A free market where customers can choose the service they want is open and free. Those who only want email and simple browsing shoudn't be forced to subsidize the Netflix bandwidth hogs. A government dictating what a private company can or can't do is the opposite of fair and open. Government overreach only serves to destroy innovation and quality products and increase costs to consumers.
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LoP Guest
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05-17-2018 05:03 AM


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RE: Senate Votes to Preserve Net Neutrality
How about a mini-conspiracy:

1. The FCC and Trump knew dumping Net Neutrality would be very unpopular, but wanted to score some points off the situation.
2. Trump has Ajit Pat and the FCC move to get rid of New Neutrality.
3. During the height of the internet backlash, Ajit Pat released very tonedeaf videos trying to calm the situation. Go watch them, they really look he was trolling.
4. After all the backlash, FCC is told to move forward, BECAUSE
5. Then the senate and the house can have a chance to vote on a bill reinstating it. By voting to keep net neutrality, Republicans can look like they stood up both to Trump (for those candidates in bluish areas) and to the telecoms (because who doesn't love seeing telecoms eat it?)
6. One more piece for preventing the 2018 election turning into a bloodbath. Trump wins by taking a long road to change nothing.
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