news Hiroshima bomb was deadlier than believed
news Dead Sea Scrolls fragments contain writing invisible to naked eye
news Brazilian President Described UFO Encounter
news Brain Holograms May One Day Help Blind See, Paralyzed Feel
news The British officer who was struck by lightning four separate times
news Are military pilots interacting with UFOs in local skies?
news Were Guards Used As Human Guinea Pigs At Skinwalker Ranch?
news Rare Mutation Among Bajau People Lets Them Stay Underwater Longer
news Astronomers Witness Collision of 14 Galaxies
news Government Accidentally Releases Documents on 'Psycho-Electric' Weapons
news New species of 'exploding ant' discovered

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It suits the best
In Nature
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05-17-2018 02:29 PM

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RE: It suits the best
itsuitsthewest  Wrote: (05-17-2018 06:41 AM)
In Nature  Wrote: (05-17-2018 06:30 AM)

Theres a zen place you can get to when posting with them

Ya become totally immune and still fire witty wits.

Far be it from me to suggest, therefore I simply ask, your avatar thing is lively, judging by the candour and the interest your writing style evokes, I would imagine you would have thought of a different depiction?

I am in no way saying it isn't fitting, that would simply be subjective, I would say you are too grounded for something Regal, too real for something serious & serious enough for something silly.

So if you were to change it................ What would it be I ask?

Just for fun ;)

It suits the recent show downs with said trolls

I'll figure out one soon

But considering that windy guy's old avatar was sponge bob, making a rainbow...

This one....

Seems to fit for a time

[Image: YorXeqr.gif]
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