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It suits the best
In Nature
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05-17-2018 02:29 PM

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RE: It suits the best
itsuitsthewest  Wrote: (05-17-2018 06:41 AM)
In Nature  Wrote: (05-17-2018 06:30 AM)

Theres a zen place you can get to when posting with them

Ya become totally immune and still fire witty wits.

Far be it from me to suggest, therefore I simply ask, your avatar thing is lively, judging by the candour and the interest your writing style evokes, I would imagine you would have thought of a different depiction?

I am in no way saying it isn't fitting, that would simply be subjective, I would say you are too grounded for something Regal, too real for something serious & serious enough for something silly.

So if you were to change it................ What would it be I ask?

Just for fun ;)

It suits the recent show downs with said trolls

I'll figure out one soon

But considering that windy guy's old avatar was sponge bob, making a rainbow...

This one....

Seems to fit for a time

[Image: YorXeqr.gif]
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