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Grammar Quiz
Hung Likable
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01-03-2018 02:56 PM

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RE: Grammar Quiz
You shall vote for what the Swamp chooses and you shall like it.

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I'm Hung Likable, but you can call me Harald Schlong.
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01-03-2018 06:30 PM

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RE: Grammar Quiz
LoP Guest  Wrote: (01-03-2018 09:00 AM)
why dont you go f*ck rat bolcheviks like spiddy and her son


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LoP Guest
lop guest
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01-03-2018 09:36 PM


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RE: Grammar Quiz
Larrry de Seattle  Wrote: (01-03-2018 08:02 AM)
Which is correct?

1. I will vote for whoever I choose.


2. I will vote for whomever I choose.

And, explain why you chose the one you chose.

2.) whomever

It's in the objective case or predicate.
Whoever is in the nominative case or subject.
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01-04-2018 02:04 AM

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RE: Grammar Quiz
Anybody but Hillary.
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Jinky Jock Spock
Beware of the space monkeys
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01-04-2018 02:08 AM

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RE: Grammar Quiz
'Ich stimme für wen ich wähle.'
I'm a grammar Nazi! Jptdknpa

If you lose one sense, your other senses are enhanced.That's why people with no sense of humour have an increased sense of self-importance.
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01-04-2018 05:32 AM

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RE: Grammar Quiz
Larrry de Seattle  Wrote: (01-03-2018 11:00 AM)
You have to look at it like this:

(I will vote for)(whoever I choose.)

you need the "whoever I choose"

this was a trick grammar quiz and you all failed

-The Grammar Nazi

You're wrong. It's whomever.


Don't call yourself a "grammar expert" if your grammar is awful.
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