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AT&T wins: Judge clears $85 billion bid for Time Warner !
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06-13-2018 01:48 AM

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deal AT&T wins: Judge clears $85 billion bid for Time Warner !
Well ATT is buying Time Warner now. Be prepared for your bills to double soon.

Randall Stephenson, chairman and chief executive officer of AT&T Inc., left, speaks while Jeffrey 'Jeff' Bewkes, chairman and chief executive officer of Time Warner Inc.
Judge approves AT&T-Time Warner deal without any conditions
42 Mins Ago | 00:38

A federal judge said Tuesday that AT&T's $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner is legal, clearing the path for a deal that gives the pay-TV provider ownership of cable channels such as HBO and CNN as well as film studio Warner Bros.

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon did not impose conditions on the merger's approval. He also urged the government not to seek a stay when issuing his decision in a closed-door room with reporters.
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06-14-2018 09:47 AM


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RE: AT&T wins: Judge clears $85 billion bid for Time Warner !

ATLANTA—In response to a U.S. district court judge overturning a Justice Department ruling that had previously blocked an $85 billion merger between telecom giant AT&T and its parent company, Time Warner, CNN reportedly promised Tuesday that the consolidation would have no effect on its ability to maintain a complete lack of editorial integrity. “We want to reassure our viewers that no matter what happens on the business side of things, we are committed to providing the same level of absolutely uninformed and unintelligent commentary that they’ve come to expect from us,” said CNN president Jeff Zucker
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06-14-2018 01:08 PM


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RE: AT&T wins: Judge clears $85 billion bid for Time Warner !
I was going to ask "how are they allowed to do that?" but then I remembered that the U.S. Military allowed the Pentagon to be hit by a plane 35 minutes after New York was attacked by terrorists.
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