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Should Trump get the Nobel peace prize?
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06-14-2018 05:09 AM

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RE: Should Trump get the Nobel peace prize?
spɹɐʍoɔ snoɯʎuouɐ  Wrote: (06-14-2018 04:45 AM)
Isabella  Wrote: (06-14-2018 04:21 AM)
After his praises for an evil brutal dictator and then telling us today that North Korea is no longer a Nuclear threat he is a nominee for the "25th Amendment" award.

and the world would throw a big party.

Rofl should amend that to 30 days in the stocks in the middle of times square NYC for any president that turns into a rouge demagogue despot like Trump.

The good thing is that his 2 formal nominations are for the 2019 prize, that's announced 1.5 years from now .
What on earth could happen between now and then?
You go first..chuckle

LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-14-2018 05:28 AM


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RE: Should Trump get the Nobel peace prize?
××× ☠️ ×××  Wrote: (06-13-2018 04:18 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (06-13-2018 04:17 AM)
If he had married a white woman and had a son he would look like Deven?
[ ]What was he supposed to say?[/size]

NOTHING! Especially when he never did anything about all the black kids killed on the streets of his own home town, every single day!
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06-14-2018 05:36 AM


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RE: Should Trump get the Nobel peace prize?
××× ☠️ ×××  Wrote: (06-13-2018 01:59 AM)
President Camacho  Wrote: (06-13-2018 01:56 AM)
If Obama got one for stirring up racial tensions to an all time high, then yeah, sure.

How did he stir up racial tension?

Having the IRS target TEA Party Groups for Starters..
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06-14-2018 06:27 AM


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RE: Should Trump get the Nobel peace prize?
Crushing ISIS, freeing prisoners without paying 1.8 billion, getting basketball hoodlums a free pass, denuclearizing ( is that a word?) North Korea, putting Iran in it's place regarding the worst nuclear deal put forth by obama, masive arrests and deportations of ILLEGALS.
And the man still hasn't declared war anywhere.
Yes he should get the prize, but it doesn't really matter, Americans love him and the World respects him. Snowflakes melt and cry in his presence.
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06-14-2018 07:42 AM


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RE: Should Trump get the Nobel peace prize?
Did Barry?
He didn't even do anything either.

We will not be glowing because of a NK nuke.
He is worthy but the judges are in a scandal of the MeToo follies.
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06-14-2018 08:00 AM

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RE: Should Trump get the Nobel peace prize?
Obama got a peace prize for being black. That destroyed the meaning behind the prize it really did. The only way to fix the meaning behind it is to give it to someone who has brought about peace by ending the threat of actual destruction.

Trump will do this & he should be given the prize. Anyone saying differently you should probably not take very seriously. They either don't actually know what the hell is going on in reality or they're trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

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