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Trump will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents in US history.
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06-13-2018 05:44 PM

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RE: Trump will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents in US history.
I think Donaldo do demand a lot, He is far more Intelligent then many like to admit.
Brother was a hard drinker like me but lost more licenses then most Humans can get in lifetimes sober.

This 1 probably could do most things if not so damn good at Music and delivering it.

I bet Donald would Love His company, so racism is in the eye of the beholder.
Seal might have to make distance to Donaldo since an Ikon in many holywood areas like fashion most of all but Kanye broke the ice chuckle

This is perhaps one of my top 3 tunes if have to rate anything, might be nr 1 if Honest beside Dire Straits.

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