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Hawaii residents are building tiny homes for lava evacuees
silversides staff
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06-13-2018 05:35 PM

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horn Hawaii residents are building tiny homes for lava evacuees
Hawaii residents are building tiny homes for lava evacuees

Tiny house to the rescue

By Liz Stinson  Jun 13, 2018, 10:30am EDT

[Image: 1000w_q95.0.jpg]
Engineers from the 230th Vertical Engineer Company, Hawaii National Guard, construct 20 microshelters in Pahoa, Hawaii, June 9, 2018. Photo by Master Sgt. Chris Schepers

Last month on Hawaii’s Big Island, lava began flowing from the Kilauea volcano. Ash, eruptions, and earthquakes drove thousands of residents from their homes, resulting in a housing shortage for people who were unable to find both short and long-term solutions.

Fortunately, a bit of relief is on the way in the form of tiny houses. For the past week, over 100 volunteers from the local carpenters union, business community, and more, as well as the National Guard, have worked together to erect 20 small homes that fill an eight-acre plot of land behind a church.


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06-13-2018 06:53 PM


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RE: Hawaii residents are building tiny homes for lava evacuees
Really? Ir's funny how codes enforcers can overlook the International Building Codes when it suits them.
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