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This is why I read ZEROHEGE.
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06-13-2018 05:36 PM


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This is why I read ZEROHEGE.
The 'Real' America: 21.5% Unemployment, 10% Inflation, And Negative Economic Growth

"-102 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now."

"According to Williams, the way inflation has been calculated in this country has been repeatedly changed over the decades…"
"Underestimating inflation

Williams argues that U.S. statistical agencies overestimate GDP data by underestimating the inflation deflator they use in the calculation.

Manipulating the inflation rate, Williams argues in Public Comment on Inflation Measurement , also enables the US government to pay out pensioners less than they were promised, by fudging cost of living adjustments.

This manipulation has ironically taken place quite openly over decades, as successive Republican and Democratic administrations made “improvements” in the way they calculated the data.

These adjustments (such as hedonic adjustments to inflation calculations, or not counting people who have stopped looking for work as part of the labor force) inevitably cast the government’s numbers in a more favorable light."

-hedonic adjustments?????

The Magic Of CPI: Watch How Economists Transform A 400% Price Increase Into A 7.1% Decline

"This means that as far as the CPI is concerned, prices can “decrease” for three reasons:

The price actually decreases, holding quality constant
The “quality” as measured by the Hedonic Quality Regression (HQR) could go up, holding price constant
The “quality” goes up by more than prices go up (<<<<<< WE’RE HERE RIGHT NOW)"

ALL <50%

Simply put, Zerohedge has been given the numbers unfiltered when Obama was in office and they are still giving us the real data now.

It's unbelievable that year over year they spout out unemployment numbers that are completely unconnected with reality. Candidate Trump was telling the truth, but now President Trump seems to be towing the line now. I get it, he needs to stop people from panicking so the economy doesn't completely tank, but no one is give out the real numbers.

Recently, I was looking for this data, and I couldn't find anything about this, but now here it is, in ALL of it's glory.


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