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So We Are Here --- In time lene as... what he says
LoP Guest
lop guest
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06-28-2018 05:52 AM


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RE: So We Are Here --- In time lene as... what he says

Distinguishing Between the Self and the Subtle Body

''....So, is the delimitation explanation suggesting that awareness LOOKS like it’s confined to the body-mind-sense complex as in pot-space but actually isn’t because there is only one undifferentiated space? I.e. it looks like I am the “indweller” as mentioned in the beginning of chapter 2 in the Gita?


Ted: Yes. Regarding the pots-space analogy, bear in mind that the space inside the pot, the space the form of the pot occupies, and the space surrounding the pot are one and the same space. Only for the purpose of analysis or speaking of awareness as that which illumines the body-mind-sense complex, do we use the terms atman and Brahman. Both are undifferentiated awareness.'' ,,,
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