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It's time for some change around here!
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06-14-2018 07:27 AM

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RE: It's time for some change around here!
Strange Candy  Wrote: (06-14-2018 07:13 AM)
I like it. chuckle

:D thanks! Glad someone said it heheheheheheh I just needed approval lol!

And yes! Quitting smoking is... something else. I still enjoy smoking, but I did not enjoy wasting the money on cigarettes. My old brand reached 15$ for a 20 pack, and I said enough is enough. No more paying taxes on something as stupid as smokes. Quit cold turkey out of rage rofl was a heavy smoker of almost 15+ years. I have the occasional cigarette when offered, but overall, I don't crave them anymore, and didn't need any fancy help quitting. It's just willpower and determination.

You can quit the addiction in 2 weeks, and then any smoke you have just feels like a glass of champagne once in a while. Speaking of "change". I turned 31 recently... it was like waking up into a different timeline... quit a lot of vices, and started cutting back on things. Weird. Turning 30 was a f*cking nightmare, but 31? Brought a lot more balance.

The world however? Not so much. chuckle It's nice to see something as balsey as Trump taking risks in the world, and making big changes. It's nice to have big sudden changes once in a while. Try it.

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