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IN THE USA you don't really own anything !
Mac Daddy
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07-12-2018 01:02 AM

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RE: IN THE USA you don't really own anything !
LoP Guest  Wrote: (07-12-2018 12:52 AM)
RiskyRob  Wrote: (07-12-2018 12:18 AM)
Who would pay for roads, fire and police protection, and public education if there weren't property taxes? The people that own property want these things. Property tax is increased when people vote in new bond measures.

My guess is that you don't own any real estate. Leave the thinking on this one to the people that do. Just write your monthly check to the landlord and be a happy idiot.

the fed would pay for it..

oh wait..

And ask yourself when was the last time the evil "GOVMONT" took away someone's home for unpaid property taxes? On the other hand, renters get evicted constantly. Which side of the fence do you want to be on?

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lop guest
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07-12-2018 01:57 AM


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RE: IN THE USA you don't really own anything !
that is not true. in america, we can own guns. don't believe go ask a gun owner at his house.

since OP specified america,where in the world do u really own anything else?
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Uppity Me
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07-12-2018 01:59 AM

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RE: IN THE USA you don't really own anything !
nice pyramid
some places don't have state tax like Las Vegas, Texas and Florida. I'm sure there are places in the US where you don't have to pay any local taxes.
It depends on where you live.
For me, I have to pay my taxes, and then I'm on my own and can do what I want.

Quote:Les pauvres n'ont-ils des Euros ?
Alors laissez les pauvres 'sh*t' dans les rues
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