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I proclaim today the 24th Federation of Atlantia,the supreme crystal federation
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07-11-2018 11:55 PM

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I proclaim today the 24th Federation of Atlantia,the supreme crystal federation
We have reached the last level my dear friends
actually no,the 26th level is the one in the Ariel's universe
or 33rd I think
this is the age when people live for one septillion years
in truth it is the silver federation if you count from the paleo age on Earth or Gaia or planet Apollo:)

the supreme crystal is the level of mine
Petre Mael had the 23rd level
now we shall go to...have you seen the Salvation tv series?
an asteroid colides with earth
Hillary Clinton is president of USa
nuclear was is coming
Russia and Syria and so on..
bunkers inside my planet
maybe people in Agartha and Shamballa

anyway we are all equals now
I prepared a new constitution for our great Atlantia universal civilization

Apollo with love
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