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A Rumor That Melania Trump Has A Body Double-Clone
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07-12-2018 12:55 AM


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A Rumor That Melania Trump Has A Body Double-Clone
I think they all do for protection.

The article highlights that a theory started floating around on Tuesday (July 10) after images showing Melania Trump leaving Air Force One in Brussels emerged, with some on social media saying that she didn't look like herself. Other images of Trump in Brussels look totally normal. And that she probably doesn't have a body double.

According to the theory, Trump has a body double who stands in for her at different times. It's part of a larger narrative about Trump acting secretively and seemingly unlike herself, fueled by camera angles and fashion choices that can obscure parts of her face, as well as a Secret Service agent who looks a little like her.

Images of Trump leaving Air Force One are bringing the theory back.
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07-12-2018 01:11 AM

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RE: A Rumor That Melania Trump Has A Body Double-Clone
I think this is the SS agent they are talking about. About the same size & height. Her hair is a little darker .

I can see it happening....with some makeup & the right mannerisms.

If she is called out on it, all trump has to say is "fake news" & he has it covered.

[Image: CKrkUrF.jpg]
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