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Tabloid reports on infertility STD (Depopulation Agenda?)
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07-12-2018 04:52 AM


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gmorning Tabloid reports on infertility STD (Depopulation Agenda?)
British tabloids are not the best sources, but sometimes they get to the real news first:

TL;DR version: Mycoplasma genitalium, which mimics chlamydia, has already infected 1-2% of the British population. It causes infertility, but is treatable at least some of the time (I'm unsure). It is spreading, but health officials offer standard "wear a condom you kids" solution.

Why bring this up? Anyone with anything beyond a causal interest in CT will know about the alleged NWO/TPTB plot to depopulate the earth down to 500 million. is..."problematic" as the (smug) kids say, but it lays out the claim:

Look into testosterone depletion in western men, and the falling birth rate. Make sure to note that the last talking point has already been successfully co opted by Nazi and white supremacy types (We know that the Klan and CPUSA both became FBI informant central, why would modern day groups be different? If they're push violence, they're probably FED.)

Forums like this jump the gun as a matter of course, it certainly seems like events are speeding up this summer. I've noticed that both the american left and right are accusing each other of rampant attacks, brietbart and both push victim-hood stories daily. I believe the stage is being set for the ground-up, self-directed genocide, with new STDs being used alongside the coming violence* to cull the useless eaters.

Of note for predictive programming believers: Stargate SG-1 had a plot-line revolving around the Aschen, a seemingly friendly and advanced force of extraterrestrial humans, who secretly infect humanity with an infertility STD "to preserve our investment". Below is a clip in which the "Aschen Agenda" sound very much like something that would come out of Davos or the Groove.

X-files, James Bond movies, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle, and most strikingly, the new Avengers movie also feature "depopulation as a tragic, but perhaps valid, option". Thanatos memes are everywhere, almost as if they are forced memes. The Purge movies depict what a government encouraged, if not directed, genocide would like like.

Well, what's your take, LOP?

*Many in the working class, those expected to do the killing, know of the NWO (or its other names) and its agenda. They are a tired and confused lot, though, and manipulation works on everyone. If you think you are immune, you are at your most vulnerable. Keep safe and only kill the killers, not your fellow citizens. Remember, these people are slick, they've been around for a long time, and they know us very well.
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