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Synosis Newsletter: Drudge is retarded programmed troll & world is fake bs
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07-12-2018 07:52 AM

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Synosis Newsletter: Drudge is retarded programmed troll & world is fake bs
The Drudge Report always puts up what he thinks are funny obnoxous headlines and chooses pictures to try to match the headlines and a trolling kind of way. Use something like the Ron Paul Liberty report instead of clowns like this.

In this world you have to be of evil vibrations and do fake things to serve the Matrix in order to get popular. There is a certain threshold where after that , The more dark evil and fake something is, the more popular it gets. Popularity means bad or wrong. Especially if it's super viral and repeated.


Opioid issue shows that even conspiracy population is stupid and manipulated

The population is stupid , easy to manipulate , and two made to have any opinion that the media wants than they have. That includes the population of sites like this one . Here's an example . The opioid epidemic is super viral and is actually getting people to say things about big Pharma and called for more banning of opioids even though it's an ultra viral new story and that's obviously what they wanted the population to do. It's problem reaction solution with big Pharma sitting in as the antagonist to make the population call for more authoritarianism against opioids. When the problem is easily solved by completely legalizing them which would make overdoses go to an all-time low. Especially if oral tablets are placed in every store for a cheap price. Not just legalized street drugs but make oxy over the counter. The society would just be happier and more social and od's would go down to an all-time low and there would be no drug withdrawal problem because no one would run out of the drug. The dumb conspiracy population would probably only want to allow kratom and tell people to use energy healing and crystals in its place. Well some people need opioids for mental health not just pain and there's no substitute.


Q garbage continues.,

The Q psychological operation is a repeat of the nesara updates and the Cobra updates on Portal 2012. It's also a repeat of people like German guy back on GL. This pattern has been repeated dozens and dozens of times. Even without the pattern showing its BS the fact that anyone would fall for such ambiguity style writing is beyond all comprehension. The population must be so dissociative that it would be impossible to imagine their state of consciousness as to do things like believe in Q and say " trust the plan " .... not to mention the Russia collusion retards that look like they are posting satire, but are really serious.

The population never wanted a swamp draining person or they would choose to push Ron Paul through the Republican primaries in 08 or 12 instead of pushing Trump through the primaries in 16. Rather the population is stupid and goes along with whatever they see on TV the most. Trump was staged to be on TV the most in stage to be president and they actually think they pulled off some sort of Revolution what all they did was follow and Obey television. If this isn't true how come they didn't push Ron Paul through the Republican primaries in 2012? Because he wasn't all over TV like Trump and staged. Anybody can see the intelligence and political awareness difference between Ron Paul and Donald Trump with a 3-minute f*cking video. God the population is stupid as f*#k

This world is totally fake. And the population is completely stupid but there is no adequate English words. Hundreds of topics and false paradigms are identical to the Mandela dimensional shift and Flat Earth in how stupid they are. But no one seems to notice this. They never see a bigger picture and always embrace false dichotomies to create a false duality or scale...of what they call decent, questionable, delusional and completely insane. The population is always standing in one part of the Matrix field , in one perspective trying to divide this sh*t in the categories when it's all just like the Flat Earth and all just a stupid. Except for.. the tiny minority of real truth that is completely trolled and attacked by the automated robot population... and is the most attacked, what a connecting coincidence

f*#k the population, f*#k Earth, f*#k nature in the darwinian survival system and animal system . f*#k the Milky Way galaxy, it's trashy Andromeda Neighbor Next Door, and f*#k the entire physical universe of physicality Matrix. The Big Bang can suck me then go back where it came from. I hate this f*cking universe.

f*#k this syatem of planets revolving around Stars with limited life span suffering physical creatures living on the planets that Circle the Stars in the Galaxies that spread out for billions of years a repeating the same sh*t.

And I'm sick of birds flying two different branches and turning their heads in different directions. They've been doing that for like 300 million years, you think it's ever going to get old you f*cking flying rats

[ ]July Edition of Synosis News Letter. © 2018. All f*cks Reserved .[/size]
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07-12-2018 07:55 AM

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RE: Synosia Newsletter: Drudge is retarded programmed troll & world is fake bs
You're right. But with that said.
[Image: mental-breakdown-gif.gif]

Fléctere Si Néqueo Súperos Acheronta Movebo
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07-12-2018 08:03 AM

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RE: Synosis Newsletter: Drudge is retarded programmed troll & world is fake bs
LunaC  Wrote: (07-12-2018 07:55 AM)
You're right. But with that said.
[Image: mental-breakdown-gif.gif]

Look again. I edited the newsletter to give it a little color to keep sanity with some color therapy. This should work on the population because they probably believe in color therapy
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