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Where is the proof that Stormy Daniels and Paul Manafort were arrested?
LoP Guest
lop guest
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07-12-2018 08:57 PM


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Where is the proof that Stormy Daniels and Paul Manafort were arrested?
Methinks Paul has been shipped off to some super secret Illuminati resort to make it look like this scripted war between 'the establishment' and the 'alt right' is legitimate rather than an orchestrated 'conflict'. 'See the establishment really does hate the 'alt right!They arrested Paul Manafort!' As to Stormy, they probably only pretended to 'arrested her' to enhance the delusion shared by the overt left and the Trump cult that the overt left is legitimately hated by Trump's regime. 'See Trump really does hate the left! He arrested Stormy Daniels!' The plan was probably to ship her off to a secret Illuminati resort too, perhaps the same one housing Paul, but after seeing that the 'arrest' didn't go over with the Trump Cult as well as they thought it would, with some saying it 'will make trump look really bad, it was the wrong move', though others supported it or 'rationalized' away the Trump Administration's orchestration of it, it was likely decided to simply say that 'the charges against her have been dropped' and to 'let her go'. We can't have the Trump Cult engaged in anything less than sheer devotion to and acceptance of everything about Dear Leader now can we? 'Let Stormy go' and the Trumpists 'against the decision to arrest her' will cry 'Trump made the right choice! I knew he would! Dear Leader is Merciful! So Merciful!' while those who supported the arrest will simultaneously cry 'Dear Leader is Merciful!' and those who denied the Trump Administration's involvement in the 'arrest' will simply continue to deny that the Trump Administration has anything to do with any 'decision' regarding Stormy's 'incarceration status'.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 449011
07-12-2018 08:58 PM


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RE: Where is the proof that Stormy Daniels and Paul Manafort were arrested?
'Dropping the charges against Stormy' before any 'trial' begins was necessary so that the Trumpists against the arrest of Stormy wouldn't have their image of Dear Leader stained by a trial as well. An arrest not leading to any long-term imprisonment may be forgivable, but an arrest leading to something as drawn out as a trial? Even if the trial 'doesn't lead to any long-term imprisonment', it still may not be 'forgivable' in the eyes of the Trumpists against the arrest. Better to just say the 'charges have been dropped before any trial could begin'. Why risk it?
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