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In September 2018
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07-13-2018 01:18 AM

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RE: In September 2018
LoP Guest  Wrote: (07-12-2018 11:50 PM)
Bao2  Wrote: (07-12-2018 11:45 PM)
...It is time to stand up to those who want to remove you from the Earth. At last they are beginning to accept that they CANNOT WIN NOW, as too many of you are awake, and will not allow them to take over the Earth. You must understand that they are terrified of you because they are totally dependent on you for their survival. Look at them, all they have is money. They are weaklings. Stop seeing them as powerful, for that is based on an illusion created by them to control you. Why do you still accept that illusion when you know in your soul that it is not true. It is holding you in a prison of the mind....

And, nope again.

Then continue viewing them as powerful. It is just your timeline as they split and you find
yourself in the one you have chosen.

Split will be complete in 2019 (I don't know what month). Everyone will live what they have chosen.

One timeline brings the cabal down and a New Society, the other total control and people continuing their adoration of the rich.
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