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Johnny Botwright Used and Set Up As the Black Panther Sandringham Serial Killer
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RE: Johnny Botwright Used and Set Up As the Black Panther Sandringham Serial Killer
------ Original Message ------
From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, 26 Jun, 2019 At 11:48
Subject: Frames and Fixes, Hate Crime, Campaigns, Assassination, Misconducted in Public Office, Is not a Crime in Norfolk and Suffolk, Tick Tock Toxic Town Diss , The Black BOX Frame FIX Assassination

More Recent Death Threats
Gunshot outside Stephs and Ladbroke Close
Silver BMW Crew Ringing Stephs Door Bell
and Driving Away

They Killed Stephs Black and White Cat Bubbles
with a Metal Bar and Left him on Stephs front Door Step
Saying I Will end up like Bubbles
More Recently Stephs Black Cat
Also found Dead

They Threatened if i do not leave Diss
They will Target Steph
She will be Abducted Raped and Videoed

Confrontation with Mat Dribble
Full of Dribble and Monster
Treadfast Ables Diss Taxis
Wood Yard Lies

Confrontation with the Poison Joe Chalice
all on Diss Waterfront CCTV
Verbal and Psychical Abuse

I Had to defend my self Against

Confrontation with Ozzy Smith
Full of Pedophile, Sandringham Strangler Lies

Crown Chicken Weybread Cranswick Managers
Supervisors Team Leaders Engineers
Quattro Agency Police SS Collaboration

Filling All their Eastern European Employees
With their Contaminated Toxic Slime
Monster Black Sandringham Serial Killer
Pervert Pedophile, Black Wizard
Cranswick Bacon SS Porky Pie Lies

Some Calling me a Pervert Pedophile Killer
to my Face , though never the case
Saying they would Smash me

Crown Chicken Weybread Cranswick Managers
Police SS Collaboration, Quattro Agency
Wanting their Eastern European Employees Assassins

To Do their Dirty Work
A Real Crown Chicken Weybread
Cutting Room JIGSAW Trap

Crown Chicken Weybread
Cranswick Managers
Police SS Collaboration

Simon Bailey Dont Cry
Blonde Plain Clothed Lover
Under Cover Assassin

For the Mason SS 666 MOB

Wanting to Put me in
Crown Chicken Weybread Engineers
Precision Engineered
Black Chicken Cage

At the Cranswick Bacon SS Pork Farm
Doctor Deaths Black Pig Pen
And Throw Away the Key


Last Two Weeks Diss 09/06/2019

Death Threats full of Monster Black
Nonce Pedophile Rapist Black Wizard
Sandringham Serial Killer Lies

By Text Facebook Messenger Voice Mail
Cathy Nicky Moss
Police SS Council MP NOB Head SS Bacon
Spies and Informers

Along with all their Brain Dead Zombie
Crack Head Hostel Associates

Three Times now outside Stephs
Full of threats and Monster Black Lies


Saying they will stab slice and Set Fire
to Steph and her Family

Serve us up with all their Crack heads
who want to crack my Framed FIXED Head

Bushes and Eastern Romanians also mentioned
in their Death Threats

Will Smash up Stephs Car
Smash down her front door to Get in

Wanting to provoke me into a Violent Confrontation
So their Police SS Handlers Doctor Death SS

Can say I Am the Mad Deranged Violent
Serial Killer

Though not the Case 39

And BOX Me Up
Sequel Two

And Throw away the Key

Johnny Botwright

Tick Tock Toxic Town

Diss Norfolk UK
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