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Climate Predictions Fail Miserably
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08-11-2018 12:38 AM

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RE: Climate Predictions Fail Miserably
LoP Guest  Wrote: (08-10-2018 04:14 PM)
Alfred Hitchcock said that the anticipation of a bang was always far worse than the bang itself. This tactic was full on with the climate change fear-mongering. The climate always changes but Man has no APPRECIABLE impact whereby nature cannot quickly "correct" and overwhelm any such microscopic variance.

Actually pretty much ALL global warming on EVERY planet in the entire f*cking super cosmos is caused by herbivorous life where there is life at all on a planet. There are cases of course where solar flares etc etc ie universal processes cause planetary global warming, but where and when there is life on a planet its ALMOST always caused by herbivorous life.

Here is the twist humanity IS HERBIVOROUS LIFE. 75% of our physiology is more akin to herbivorous life than carnivorous.

ESSENTIALLY the reason for the cause is the same as with the more primitive life forms GREED + GLUTTONY LUST its just that it is focused on money by humanity, with which you basically eat and f*#k.

This is ONE of the reasons Jesus referred to you as sheep - primitive territorialist herbivorous lifeforms, you see the bible is a metaphysical text and seeing as though the apocalypse IS global warming which CAUSES the tribulations of the Revelation, the solution can ONLY reside with metaphysics (the whole picture). Remain primitive ie don't adhere to Jesus' teachings and you cause the Revelation as is ALWAYS the case for primitive herbivorous life. Greed - Avarice - Vanity etc etc are the tools of the demons and as such you INVITE the incarnation of the devil at the end times, triggering the end times BECAUSE of the primitive traits of consciousness (as above).

No scientist understands what global warming is - what it does and how to cure/stop it. Global warming causes side effects, planetary deceleration in rotational velocity, increase in asteroid and meteorite strike rate, volcanoes - earthquakes - flooding, insect defence triggering (specifically targeting herbivorous life). I am the f*cking to key to the solutions - I sh*t YOU NOT....! Do you see the governments or science coming to me - LIKE f*#k they do … why ? ACADEMIC f*cking VANITY.

Academics are PAID stoolies of the Talmudic Zionist economic dictatorship. They are the contemporary Saducees and Pharisees. If I was to stand up they want me DEAD I sh*t you not....! YET THE WAY TO BECOMING SOLAR SYSTEMIC IS THROUGH ME AND ONLY f*cking THROUGH ME....!

Now you f*cking KNOW -- isn't it about f*cking time you started to UNDERSTAND...! You can only do that by asking ME f*cking questions...! To do that you have to put yourself in the position of BELIEVING (FAITH) I CAN ANSWER THEM and I really am metaphysically superior etc etc. I can assure you ALL, I am the REAL f*cking THING. It is ONLY with this faith that I can heal your situation...! Do you get it yet ? If you don't, YOU ALL DIE in the tribulations of the Revelation which are CAUSED BY GLOBAL WARMING because you are too primitive to transcend....! PERIOD....!


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Mr ifnoc
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08-11-2018 12:45 AM

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RE: Climate Predictions Fail Miserably
Natura Naturans  Wrote: (08-07-2018 08:40 PM)
It has been 30 years since the alarm bell was sounded for manmade global warming caused by modern industrial society. And predictions made on that day—and ever since—continue to be falsified in the real world.

Erroneous Predictive Scares

Consider the opening global warming salvo (quoted above). Dire predictions of global warming and sea-level rise are well on their way to being falsified—and by a lot, not a little. Meanwhile, a CO2-led global greening has occurred, and climate-related deaths have plummeted as industrialization and prosperity have overcome statism in many areas of the world.

Take the mid-point of the above’s predicted warming, six degrees. At the thirty-year mark, how is it looking? The increase is about one degree—and largely holding (the much-discussed “pause” or “warming hiatus”). And remember, the world has naturally warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age to the present, a good thing if climate economists are to be believed.

Turning to sea-level rise, the exaggeration appears greater. Both before and after the 1980s, decadal sea-level rise has been a few inches. And it has not been appreciably accelerating. “The rate of sea level rise during the period ~1925–1960 is as large as the rate of sea level rise the past few decades, noted climate scientist Judith Curry. “Human emissions of CO2 mostly grew after 1950; so, humans don’t seem to be to blame for the early 20th century sea level rise, nor for the sea level rise in the 19th and late 18th centuries.”

The sky-is-falling pitch went from bad to worse when scientist James Hansen was joined by politician Al Gore. Sea levels could rise twenty feet, claimed Gore in his 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, a prediction that has brought rebuke even from those sympathetic to the climate cause.

Now-or-Never Exaggerations

In the same book/movie, Al Gore prophesied that unless the world dramatically reduced greenhouse gasses, we would hit a “point of no return.” In his book review of Gore’s effort, James Hansen unequivocally stated: “We have at most ten years—not ten years to decide upon action, but ten years to alter fundamentally the trajectory of global greenhouse emissions.”

Time is up on Gore’s “point of no return” and Hansen’s “critical tipping point.” But neither has owned up to their exaggeration or made new predictions—as if they will suddenly be proven right.

Another scare-and-hide prediction came from Rajendra Pachauri. While head of a United Nations climate panel, he pleaded that without drastic action before 2012, it would be too late to save the planet. In the same year, Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean physics at the University of Cambridge, predicted “global disaster” from the demise of Arctic sea ice in four years. He too, has gone quiet.

Nothing new, back in the late 1980s, the UN claimed that if global warming were not checked by 2000, rising sea levels would wash entire countries away

There is some levity in the charade. In 2009, then-British Prime Minister Gordon Brown predicted that the world had only 50 days to save the planet from global warming. But fifty days, six months, and eight years later, the earth seems fine.


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Blue Crystal Storm
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08-11-2018 03:51 AM

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RE: Climate Predictions Fail Miserably









The full force of Natural and Common Law shall be applicable at all times in all places and cannot be annulled by the declaration of emergency, war or other device by any State or entity.

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08-13-2018 03:30 PM

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RE: Climate Predictions Fail Miserably
If they were right about their climate models we are already f**ked and its too late
or they are full of chit and its all BS.
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