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We have already been to Mars?
LoP Guest
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08-08-2018 10:43 PM


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RE: We have already been to Mars?
LoP Guest  Wrote: (08-08-2018 10:25 PM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (08-08-2018 09:57 PM)
Captain Obvious got out of the FE thread, so you know a flatard started this one also.

The term "Flat earth" was created because the people who created such a term did NOT like the ring.

I highly doubt you have been off of this planet. So honestly, flat earth, round earth, keep debating. It doesn't really make a sh*t because you don't even have the ability to leave the planet.

The shape or form of a mass is only part of what it is, the substance is what determines it shape.

So what is the substance of the earth?

Take a guess, you are standing on it, no need to see it from a distance because that will not prove its substance.

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LoP Guest
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08-08-2018 11:13 PM


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RE: We have already been to Mars?
LoP Guest  Wrote: (08-08-2018 09:38 PM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (08-08-2018 09:24 PM)
The supposed video, shows that we have already been to Mars


Meh, who knows?

That's a cool video, real or fake. Thanks for sharing!

My family has an oral tradition that says we come from Mars. We came here and subjugated the whole planet, but we also taught farming techniques and animal husbandry, architecture and ways to communicate mathematics.

There are supposedly letters written generations ago that explain the whole story, but I don't really talk to my family anymore, so I don't have any access to these letters and wouldn't even know which family member(s) to inquire to about them.

Maybe we're just trying to get back.

My dear friends
The real history of the world is very much comprised
you may hear about events which happened millions years ago
but common,we were all in the paleolithic age 4.5 million years ago

Krishna was a spiritual man who lived in India and the mountains of Tibet which separates Indian subcontinent from China
He traveled a lot and it is said he was born from a Virgin,the unmanifested nature
he proclaimed himself to be the Light of God
several shepards sang at his birth
he resurected the dead people like Jesus Christ
there was a cross in heavens whe he was born
he died on a cross,etc
you already know the story which came to us

Well he was also an undead vampire and he said about himself
-I am Alpha and Omega
the Beginning and the End of all Immortals
The one who was ,the one who is and the one who shall come
the Great Lord Krish'ne!

Anyway he became the ruler of India roughly 3500-4000 BC
and he started a nuclear war against the neighbours of India
the flourishing Chinese yellow civ who made huge armies of robots
and the White people of Syberia who were living in the information age at that time

the planets between Mars and Jupiter and Mars and Earth were whole at that time
no asteroids belts!
Luciferia and Lumeria they were called
populated by the same white and red race who inhabited Mars-the red race and Venus-the white race

well the red people chose to start a bacteriological war on Mars which drove them to extinction
meanwhile out holy Atlanteans choke themselves to death with industrial polution and chemical weapons
so wonderful ways to die!

Krishna was a holy man who stayed in the test of Shamballa for 1773 days and he saw the poor bacteria female cut in two suspended in font of him
he got Emerald teeth in his mouth
he was worshipped as a God alive by the green beer bacterias of Shamballa in Tibet
and he started the monastery tradition there to say
-Who are you?
=I am yourself,opne the door to yourself!

when someone knocks in
the problem was that Krishna was attached to the red race of humans
he believed he did many injustices to them while he was Apollo for Atlantia
in other lives
also he started the tradition of burning alive 3 virgin women:a red head a blonde and a brunette if they dont convince the new knight to f*#k them after he says that he is you

this was a wonderfull test for Shamballa to determine who is worthy to be burne alive next morning or who shall become like Krishna and reach the Holy Spirit

the problem was:
Krishna was at the Holy spirit level barely
he never completed it
he never saved the world
h needed to stay for 38 more days...but he nuked Sahara and America instead
the Black race and the yellow race of Chinese people were there in north America at that time
go to the Rocky mountains and the gulf of Mexico and the Naacaa plateau in Chile and at the Kilimanjaro mountains
and to Sahara of course my horse

so the 2 planets made by Atlanteans Lumeria and Luciferia wre destroyed in 30 minutes by atomic fire
Sahara in 7 minutes
America in 15 minutes
he was killed by his own people
revered as Saviour after wards

Jesus legend was born
so sorry
Apollo with love


Copy/paste from thread: How 2 planets were destroyed in atomic fire during the times of Krishna in 4000 BC
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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08-10-2018 10:01 AM


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RE: We have already been to Mars?
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08-10-2018 11:46 AM

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RE: We have already been to Mars?
oh so Jesus proved the moon landing? some of you folks are just nuts
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