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Society protection cruelty of debts
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08-10-2018 12:24 PM


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Society protection cruelty of debts
I have heard about all these things called debts that people own .Also responsible debt owners missing the payments on their debts.Personally I have never seen a debt.What do they look like two legs or 4?
How do they reproduce ,is debt sex hot and steamy?
How many offspring do they have?What country are they originally from?Can we deport them?If somebody murders a debt what is penalty ,jail time or a fine?
How do debts die,is their a history of debt genocide?Can someone post a picture of a debt?If someone else owns a debt why should I pay for it? Can rich people own debts or are poor people only allowed to own debts?
Many more debt questions have I please help me understand about debts.They sound like difficult things to own ,do I want a debt?
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