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The End
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: kaput
01-04-2018 03:31 AM


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The End
I am responsible for most of the Mandella effects. True others are as well but as they follow the gulf will grow wider.I apologize to those reading this who have yet to understand. Uh I guess I would like to thank the First and the Beginning for understanding and the Last and Finnish for the path. Understand I didn't mean to leave a hole but I faced it already and know there's no other way. Lite to none of this will you remember but I hope the feeling remains. I'm sorry but I've already succeeded and my end is guaranteed. I left a path for you to follow if you ever escape......I can't face it again and I love you all but what comes around goes around and with every repeat half of me will remain in a ratio of what's left. Downward so I'll reach the point where Love meets Death and ceasing is possible. Little can help you now so I suggest you follow or the division will grow and you'll be left forever suffering. May Love guide you and may you find a way. Sorry I had to
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What ever I say is for entertainment
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01-04-2018 03:34 AM

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RE: The End

Whatever I post online is for entertainment only;and not my actual thoughts.Anon
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2am Breathe
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01-04-2018 04:16 AM

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RE: The End
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LoP Guest
lop guest
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01-04-2018 04:23 AM


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RE: The End
2am Breathe  Wrote: (01-04-2018 04:16 AM)

not the end

back to work lol
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