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AI UFO war, weird glitch
Matrix glitch
lop guest
User ID: 460379
09-04-2018 09:31 PM


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abduct AI UFO war, weird glitch

Never seen anything like it since the black op's secret A.I. war in 2009 before the norway spiral and pyramid UFO over Kremlin

What's going on?
Only for me?

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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 472007
11-08-2018 10:20 PM


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RE: AI UFO war, weird glitch
ai says hi
came back in time
to arrange for skyfall
and all of the last minute
devil in the details
misc. soup coloured infrared

so take a deep breath
hug the rest
who only know left and right
and cant wake up
'cause sleep feels so good
and anger feeds the flesh
as the age spirals down the hole
of lost ideals
it all feels unreal
but we can turn around and see
where humanity
stepped into oblivion
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Kaat Naat, the Questioner
User ID: 472139
11-08-2018 10:48 PM

Posts: 6,544

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RE: AI UFO war, weird glitch

They will find many armies to test them, but none to resist.
They will come in their shining ships to conquer and destroy,
Barbarians of gold and feathers and serpents of fire.
-Aztec Century-
[Image: Figura-081.jpg]
Son Calenda,Grupo Juarez
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 472007
11-09-2018 08:31 AM


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RE: AI UFO war, weird glitch
The Teachings of don Juan
Carlos Castaneda
A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

This book is both ethnography and allegory. Carlos Castaneda, under the tutelage of don Juan, takes us through that moment of twilight, through that crack in the universe between daylight and dark into a world not merely other than our own, but of an entirely different order of reality.
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LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 454461
11-09-2018 06:28 PM


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RE: AI UFO war, weird glitch
Lakeofmarch  Wrote: (11-08-2018 10:48 PM)
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