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Obama obliterates Trump and the GOP in scathing Illinois speech: 9 best moments
LoP Guest
lop guest
User ID: 384130
09-09-2018 12:58 AM


Post: #166
RE: Obama obliterates Trump and the GOP in scathing Illinois speech: 9 best moments
He Man  Wrote: (09-09-2018 12:38 AM)
LoP Guest  Wrote: (09-08-2018 11:52 PM)
So you don't believe that americans deserve better trade deals and better-paying jobs?

So you believe that americans should continue to be the world's unpaid military so that the nato allies can have better social services?

This is what trump is about.
But calling someone racist is hiding another agenda, isn't it?

1. Trump's trade deals are very unpopular with 99% of economists. Trump is not producing good paying jobs anymore than Obama was doing on Obama's economic recovery.

2. Trump is growing the military and trying to order his generals to kill the top leadership in Syria, which they were too smart to let him do. Trump has not done anything to actually disassociate from the UN or NATO because he knows that would be a disaster.

You had to go to hq for that one.

If economists were so good, things would be much better, wouldn't they?

I don't know what you mean about obama's economic recovery.

Trump understands, I believe, that the u.s. is in a dangerous place in the world, and this might be a reason to shore up the military.

Syria is one of the countries in the m.e. slated for destruction (leadership included) before trump became prez. Who's policy was that?

I don't know what trump intends to actually do about the un, nato, etc., but I believe that he did throw some skittles at merkel. He wants them to pay for their own defense. Good.

I believe that he and anyone who supports him has been distracted by mueller's witch hunt. This is to make him ineffective.

I find it so upsetting that his people have been destroyed for doing things that they did for years. Why were they subject to criminal investigation since trump became prez? It's disgusting.

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