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Hi honey, I'm not from home
* weird wizard1*
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flip Hi honey, I'm not from home
Hi honey, I'm not from home

Every seventh jar of honey opened daily around the globe is fake honey. As global demand for the sweet stuff grows, bees are producing less as a result of pollution, thus driving up prices and attracting honey fakers.

[Image: 19136054_303.jpg]

Honey has been classified by the European Commission as sixth on the list of the most endangered counterfeited food items, Andrej Kandolf Borovsak from the Slovenian Beekeeping Association said during the Economic Forum in Krynica in southern Poland.

Honey is usually faked with the addition of sugar, molasses, potato syrup or sugar syrup, "all much cheaper than real honey, and the ordinary consumer is not able to taste the difference," Borovsak said.

Another method is to mix different types of honey and provide false information about the origin of the product.

"Of the thousands of honey samples collected, up to 14 percent turned out to be fake," said Borovsak, referring to European Joint Research Center studies compiled in response to a report by the European Parliament on the fake food.

[Image: 33309743yh.jpg]
* weird wizard1*
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RE: Hi honey, I'm not from home
With bees on the brink, World Bee Day seeks to raise awareness

Bee populations have witnessed a steady decline over the past decade, according to the UN. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for people to "do something good for bees" as they face extinction.

[Image: 43863229_303.jpg]

Why a day for bees?

* The UN Food and Agricultural Organization believe bees and other pollinators, including butterflies and hummingbirds, "are increasingly under threat from human activities."
* International authorities are hoping to draw attention to the steady decline of bee populations. For examples, around 24 percent of Europe's bumble bees are threatened with extinction according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
* Bees contribute to the pollination of around 90 percent of the world's major crops. Without them, the world risks food insecurity, according to the UN.

[Image: 43863245_401.jpg]

What is Germany doing about it?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday called on people to "think about biodiversity and do something good for bees" during her annual budget speech to parliament. She said that it is "something that perhaps seems a bit small to some people, but is actually really big."

In Germany, there are several initiatives at the local, regional and federal level aimed at preserving pollinator populations.

For example, in Berlin, hives have been established in more than 15 prominent buildings across the capital, including the state legislature and the finance ministry. The initiative, started by German biologist Corinna Hölzer, has expanded to 25 other cities.

[Image: 33309743yh.jpg]

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