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More hypocrisy: Elliott Broidy’s Mistress Shera Bechard: He Demanded She Get Abor
He Man
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09-09-2018 01:11 AM

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horn More hypocrisy: Elliott Broidy’s Mistress Shera Bechard: He Demanded She Get Abor
What is up with these republican hypocrites that talk big on being supposedly "pro-life" then have ongoing extra marital affairs with porn stars, playboy models, and have unprotected sex with them when they have herpes and probably other venereal diseases. Scream1

Why does anybody believe these rich old ugly billionaire freaks about anything. They are liars and conmen and totally hypocritical on every thing they supposedly care about?

WOW read what she says about Broidy in her law suit:

Elliott Broidy’s Mistress Shera Bechard Says He Demanded She Get Abortion
Shera Bechard also accused Elliott Broidy of having unprotected sex with her—‘without telling her he had genital herpes.’ Broidy denies the claims.

"They include Bechard’s claim that Broidy compelled to her to have an abortion; that he refused to wear a condom; and that he had sex with Bechard “without telling her he had genital herpes.” In addition, Broidy allegedly told Bechard he had prostate cancer and that he was unwilling to have his prostate removed “because it would stop him from having sex, which he told her was more important to him than life itself.”

Bechard also claims that she was scared of Broidy because he carried a gun in his car and “had told her that he knew people who could make other people disappear.” She alleges that Keith Davidson—her former attorney who negotiated the hush-money agreement—told her that Broidy would sue her for child support if she kept the baby and that Bechard should “be very very careful.”

The agreement between Bechard and Broidy was drawn up by President Donald Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, using some of the same language he wrote for a non-disclosure agreement to silence Stormy Daniels about her alleged affair with Trump. Cohen pleaded guilty to breaking the law to silence Daniels and Karen McDougal, who also alleged an affair with Trump.

The deal and the affair were revealed by the Wall Street Journal in April 2018, causing Broidy to resign his RNC position. Broidy then refused to pay a $200,000 installment to Bechard because, he claims, Davidson discussed the confidential agreement with Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing Daniels in her lawsuit against Trump and Cohen to break her own hush-money agreement.

Bechard said in her lawsuit she met Broidy at a California restaurant in 2013, and that they referred to one another as “mommy” and “daddy.” In 2016, she alleges, Broidy became increasingly violent and told her she was “fat and needed to fix it” with liposuction, the suit said."

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Trump resignation/impeachment countdown! Scream1
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09-09-2018 01:42 AM


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RE: More hypocrisy: Elliott Broidy’s Mistress Shera Bechard: He Demanded She Get Abor
Typical right wing retardisum "Do as I say, Not as I do"
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