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Liar Trump Denies 3,000 People Died In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria
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09-15-2018 09:44 PM

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RE: Liar Trump Denies 3,000 People Died In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria
Isabella  Wrote: (09-14-2018 05:30 AM)
zacksavage  Wrote: (09-14-2018 04:28 AM)
Trump supporters too Cult-like and dumb to do any other research for themselves to know what is real or not concerning Trump.

Trump can say and do anything stupid and be believe without question or critical thought.

Even if they see his clown-like behavior and hear his lies with their own ears and eyes.

What's really frightening is one day Trump will be gone and they will remain while looking for a new Dear Leader.

So true. Lemmings.

How can people let themselves become so easily swayed by people they have never even met??

I think it has a lot to do with religious indoctrination, but who knows.


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